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says Robert, since the cap and container neck need no longer be round. Robert says ultrasonic welding of closures and containers is already proven in high-volume packaging of dairy products such as yogurt. What's more, he says ultrasonic welding takes only 20% as much energy as heat sealing, and the ultrasonic welding heads are available instantaneously, as they require no heat-up time. Robert acknowledges a couple of limitations in this approach. One is that ultrasonic welding requires the cap and container body to be of the same or similar materials. So the intuitive choice of materials would be PP to PP. Or a PET bottle would need a PET cap with a living hinge, which Robert says is technically possible. A second point is that food and drug pack- agers have large investments in filling lines, which would require substantial modifica- tion to convert to UfLIPseal technology. For that reason, Robert envisions it being used primarily in new products so that filling lines can be designed specifically for the new approach. IML LID WITH A SPOON ATTACHED KBS Impact's currently patented variant of FIML is called U10Seal. It is aimed at single-serve yogurt, pudding, dry cereal, dry noodles, or other spoonable foods for wide-mouth tub-style con- tainers. In this case, a preprinted IML label is placed in an injection mold and a ring of plastic is molded against the outer perimeter. This ring is later ultrasonically welded to a flange on the container body. The added feature of U10Seal is suggested by the name (a pun on "utensil"): a plastic spoon is molded onto the center of the IML film. Because the film is peel- able, the spoon can be pulled off the film after peeling open the container. QUESTIONS ABOUT IN-MOLD LABELING? Visit the In-Mold Labeling Zone. Ultrasonic welding of filled containers is already proven in high-volume yogurt packaging. This hypothetical example of a vitamin bottle shows how, by eliminating threads, UfLIPseal reduces closure and neck height and saves overall container weight. Patented U10Seal concept for wide-mouth containers of spoonable products involves molding a flanged ring and a spoon onto the underside of peelable IML label and tamper-evident seal. Make Perfect Parts and Save Money! • Preload cores for perfect parts. • Save $$$$ with a smaller cylinder. • Simplify mold operation and design. • Smaller mold base = low cost parts. • Fully Preloads at only 1,500 psi. • Stays locked without hydraulics. • 400˚ F systems available. • Rush 0-2 day shipping available. N118 W18251 Bunsen Drive Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 250-4410 • Fax (262) 250-4409 KOR-LOK ® , Hydra-Latch ™ and Hydra-Jaws ™ are trademarks of PFA, Inc. ©2018 PFA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mold OPEN Core Out Mold CLOSED Core OUT Mold CLOSED Core IN Core PRE-LOADED Against FULL Injection Pressure CAN'T DO IT! CAN'T DO IT! KOR-LOK ® TRADITIONAL SIDE-ACTION VS. SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS Designed & Made in USA HYDRA-JAWS ™ Every Mold, Every Machine, Every Time! Adjusts to Fit Every Mold Quick and Secure Consistent Clamping Force NEW Service Center PFA-MEXICO/CNI-MEXICO Queretaro +52 442-198-0194 16 AUGUST 2018 Plastics Technology PA C K A G I N G Close -Up On Technolog y

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