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LS Mtron also builds the WIZ-T series of servo-hydraulic toggles from 90 to 400 tons and WIZ-E series of all- electric toggles from 18 to 850 tons. (Niigata's electric toggles range from 55 to 950 tons.) All machines have KEBA controllers. Scan a barcode on the mold, and load setup recipes for the press, robot, chiller, hot runner, etc. Controls for the auxiliaries can be integrated into the machine controller, and settings can be monitored and changed from a tablet. As reported in our May Keeping Up, Engel ( is bringing its Wintec line of Chinese-built machines—all-electric toggles (55 to 310 tons) and servo-hydraulic two-platens (500 to 1900 tons)—to the U.S. These machines (all with KEBA controls) are designed for general-purpose applications and offer limited options. They are available at substantially lower prices than the Engel line of machines, while maintaining high quality, the company says. Though supplied from Engel's U.S. headquarters in York, Pa., Wintec machines have their own president for the Americas, Peter Auinger, and their own North American sales manager, Don Ivey. In order to maintain the goal of quick delivery in the face of growing demand, Wintec is more than doubling the size of its Chinese plant and increasing the number of production employees 60% by the end of 2019. LK Systems, Inc. of Hong Kong (U.S. office in Holland, Mich.; showed off its third-generation servo-hydraulic, two-platen machines—the Forza III series from 450 to 7800 tons. They have 10% greater daylight than the previous generation, as well as KEBA controls and linear guide rails for the clamp and injection unit. Welltec Machinery of Hong Kong ( highlighted its JSeII series of servo-hydraulic two-platen presses from 450 to 4000 tons. They have B&R controls. Building injection machines since 2014, Woojin Plaimm of South Korea (U.S. office in Mount Prospect, Ill.; woojinplaimm. com) offers the DL-A5 series of premium servo-hydraulic two- platen presses from 500 to 3630 tons. Engineered in Austria, they come with B&R controls. The company also builds servo- hydraulic toggles from 50 to 880 tons, all-electrics from 30 to 850 tons, and vertical presses from 50 to 150 tons. Other new or upgraded two- platen machines at the show previously reported included the following: • Zhafir Jenius (JE) Series from Absolute Haitian, with servo- hydraulic clamp and electric screw drive and injection ( • GenII FA series servo- hydraulic presses from FCS of Taiwan, sold here by Maruka USA ( • Medium-sized GX servo-hydraulic two-platen presses from KraussMaffei ( with a new "speed" option that includes electric screw drive for faster cycles. • New Cincinnati series of large servo-hydraulic, two-platen presses from Milacron ( A 2250-tonner ran at the show; a 6750-tonner is being built for a U.S. molder. This rede- signed series features improved operator access to the mold and ejector areas, long stroke, full-stroke rod guidance, improved platen parallelism, simplified strain-rod pulling with a split nut, quick barrel change, active level sensors that adjust while the machine is running, and Mosaic+ control with fully integrated Mold- Masters iM2 hot-runner controls and optional integration of a six-axis robot. The machines also boast faster clamp speeds (up to 1035 mm/ sec for the 2250-tonner) and ability to carry heavier molds (to 121,250 lb on that model). • Wilmington Machinery (wilmingtonma- discussed its new Lumina MP800 two-stage, medium-pressure machine, which has electric screw drive and servo-hydraulic plunger and two-platen clamp. • Wittmann Battenfeld ( reported that it is building larger MacroPower servo-hydraulic, two-platen machines, including its first 1100-, 1600-, and 2000- ton models. • Yizumi-HPM ( showed a 1200-ton model in its new DP-N series of servo-hydraulic, two-platen machines with KEBA controls, tailored specifically for the U.S. market. By the end of this year, the company plans to offer wide-platen versions of all sizes (550 to 3500 tons), which will be 15-20% wider than standard models. In the future, the line will be extended to 5000 tons. Several new controls allow for remote service and trouble- shooting, as well as integration of auxiliary equip- ment for auto- mated setup of repeated runs. Lucky Goldstar (LG) is back, under the name LS Mtron. The One is its new premium line of servo-hydraulic two-platen presses. @plastechmag 35 Plastics Technology Primar y Processing

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