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to processing temperature only at the gate, where material is injected with extreme speed and pressure (up to 60,000 psi). Husky Injection Molding Systems ( announced a new medical machine called HyperSync M, adapted from a cap-molding system introduced at K 2016. It boasts improved ejector parallelism and a smaller injection unit for more precise control. It also monitors mold cooling-water flow for quality control. Husky says it had sold 30 of these units. JSW Plastics Machinery ( showed off its new "Flip" auxiliary injec- tion unit, a servo-electric device with 1- to 1.5-oz shot capacity for use with JSW machines up to 450 m.t. It can be integrated with the controls of AD or ADS series machines or as a mobile stand-alone unit. LK Systems brought out its first all-electric machines late last year. The e2Xcel line ranges from 45 to 500 tons. They have beltless direct drive of the clamp and injection unit, Gefran controls, and a servo- hydraulic power pack in the base for core pulls. The company also offers the eXcel line of servo-hydraulic toggles from 90 to 915 tons. Milacron released details on its new Quantum servo-hydraulic toggle line from 125 to 610 tons. Replacing the MTS line, the new presses are said to be 30% faster with longer stroke and large tiebar spacing. The company described it as "a packaging machine for the price of a general-purpose press." In addition, the new base design is said to reduce deflection by 20%, and the new toggle design reportedly allows reducing minimum tonnage by an additional 30% vs. conventional toggles. They come with Endura Touch control, including a 15-in. color touchscreen, adjustable height and swing arm, real-time energy monitor, data storage for up to 80 molds, new core-pull configurator for custom sequences, SPC process moni- toring with graphics, and ability to fully utilize the new M-Powered suite of connectivity (Industry 4.0) features. Niigata of Japan, supplied here by DJA (, brought out its eighth-generation all-electric toggle line, the MD-S8000 series from 55 to 500 tons. They offer a larger control screen and linear guides in all sizes (previously only up to 200 tons). Also new MORE NEW MACHINES Here's a handful of other types of new machines at the show not previously reported: Alba Enterprises ( displayed the new 10-ton servo-hydraulic Babyplast micromolding machine; the maximum size was 6 tons previously. Also new is upgraded software with remote monitoring capability, faster CPU, and more detailed cycle-time analysis and QC package. Another new micromolder is the M3 system from MHS-Mold Hotrunner Solutions (mhs- hotrunners. com). Suited to parts from 0.001 to 0.400 g, this system generates 4 m.t. of clamping force solely with electromagnets. An electric linear motor opens and closes the tiebarless clamp at speeds up to 6000 mm/sec. The molds are simplified "insert carriers" that use the company's Rheo-Pro hot-runner valve gates for direct gating of parts with no waste. The system handles up to eight (4 + 4) cavities, which can be multiplied to 32 by gating onto small sub-runners. Enclosed in its own cabinet, the system can integrate material feeding and drying, "touchless" robotic vacuum takeout, vision inspection, conveyor, and TCU. As compared with previous MHS systems, the M3 boasts larger shot capacity (628 or 1430 mm 3 ), faster cycles (4 to 6 sec), faster tooling changes (a few minutes for one person), and more Industry 4.0 features—more communications and moni- toring options, remote control, and more sensors throughout the machine for process monitoring. Most important is a new injection concept, called Isokor. This proprietary three-step injection process uses two plungers. One key feature is pre-pressurizing the melt in the barrel and hot runners, and maintaining that pressure so that the system does not encounter variability in shot size due to melt compressibility. Another advantage is preservation of material properties by using relatively low- temperature plastication and gradually bringing the melt up Industry 4.0 is a coming trend in blow molding, too. New M3 micromolding system from MHS Hotrunner Solutions is said to provide extreme shot- size precision and maximum protection of sensitive resins from thermal degradation through a novel three-step injection process involving two plungers and a valve-gate nozzle. Husky showed off its new HyperSync M machine aimed specifically at medical molding. This is a 400-ton version. 36 AUGUST 2018 Plastics Technology NPE WR AP-UP

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