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equipment efficiency), which includes measures of performance, quality, and uptime. For machines connected via Euromap 63/77 or OPC, TIG 2go offers simple analyses of process stability. Also new from T.I.G. is a licensing model for all its products via software subscription, which has the advantage of low initial investment cost. EXTRUSION & COMPOUNDING NEWS Reifenhauser ( introduced several products in response to growing demand for blown-film technology that expe- dites changeovers. The new EVO Drain is a fully automated mate- rial-changing system for all secondary resin components (the main material component is not switched to reduce the risk of bubble breaks due to lack of resin in the extruder). In this new technology, residual resins in the feed hoppers are transported by a separate conveyor automatically into a waste bag so there is no manual emptying of waste pails. Emptying and cleaning take about 30 sec for each component. Then, a drain valve in the suc- tion pipe near the suction lance opens and enables piping to be cleaned without suction of new material; the suction lance can remain in the resin reservoir. During cleaning of the feeders, the screw runs slowly, backwards and intermittently. Reifenhauser's new EVO Ultra Die is billed as a fusion of axial, conical and stack die technology. A compact design and short melt-flow paths result in the lowest melt-volume possible to expedite startups and changeovers. Reifenhauser also introduced a Universal Screw, a barrier design that reportedly can run a wide variety of polyolefins along with EVOH, PP, and nylon. SINGLE- & TWIN-SCREW COMPOUNDING CPM Extrusion Group ( displayed a new 45-mm twin-screw compounding extruder designed for custom- compounding and masterbatch markets. The CXE 45 sHO can be furnished with screw elements designed to gently incorporate glass fibers and/or heat-sensitive flame retardants and additives, and with Century's T-Profile Technology elements, which boost mixing and degassing efficiency. A tie-rod design is said to enable what Century calls "an extraordinarily efficient water-cooling system," which, combined with high-performance cartridge heaters, allows processing of high-temperature nylons for automotive applications with "unmatched process control." The extruder is also furnished with smart monitoring technology. For the motor, safety clutch and gearbox, optional temperature and vibration sensors can be applied to provide comprehensive condition monitoring that enables the operator to plan a preventive-mainte- nance program. A gearbox oil sensor constantly evaluates impurities, water content, soot formation, air content, oil aging, acidification, oil temperature, electrical conductivity and the relative permittivity of the oil. Other sensors measure ambient temperature and humidity. For each screw shaft, a sensor assesses the torque and provides valuable information on shaft performance corresponding to specific energy input to the product and can give an indication of wear on shafts and the barrel. The machine is also equipped with condition monitoring technology for the drive, heaters and cooling water. Two years in the making, the Compeo series compounder from Buss Corp. ( can run a gamut of materials and recipes without changing any hardware. Conventional three- or four-flight kneading elements can be combined with new elements comprising two or six flights, which can be used at any desired point in the process section. As a result, previously conflicting objectives, such as a high specific throughput at a controlled energy input, can be achieved simultaneously. All the flights are generated as free-form surfaces, which means that they provide uniformly intense product shear to prevent localized overheating. The modular concept also means that process length, type and number of feeding units, temperature control, and degassing can all be tailored to the specific processing task. A vertical inlet screw or side Brown Machine's new Quad Series thermoformer is available with a dual servo-drive system that maintains coining force at higher speeds. New Compeo series compounder from Buss Corp. can run a gamut of materials and recipes without changing any hardware. 40 AUGUST 2018 Plastics Technology NPE WR AP-UP

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