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of the same weight, the cycle time was 8.6 sec, vs. 17.45 sec before, for production capacity of 2508 bph, up from 1236 bph. A new AL-500-50 was molding 30-ml PET medicine bottles in 10 cavities on a 3.4-sec cycle or 8370 bph. With the same cavitation and bottle weight, the previous SB III-250LL-50S achieved a 9-sec cycle, for 4000 bph. Get instant access to processing specs for thousands of injection molding plastics from more than 100 suppliers with the Mobile Specs for Injection Molding app. And it's FREE! CONVENIENT Search for supplier, product, family or grade QUICK Get instant results in the palm of your hand COMPLETE Access detailed processing notes from suppliers CURRENT Benefit from info that is constantly updated Download the Mobile Specs for Injection Molding app on your Android or IOS device today at MOBILE SPECS The new AL-500LL-50S long-stroke machine molded 200-ml PET personal-care bottles in six cavities and 8.5 sec, for 2538 bph. For the older SB III-250LL-50S, the comparable figures were 18.1 sec and 1188 bph. The fourth new machine is the AL-1000LL-40, which molded 90-ml HDPE packer bottles in 12 cavities and 9.5 sec. This machine has four times the shot capacity of the SB III-250LL-50S, which could mold the same bottle in only six cavities and 20 sec. The differ- ence is 4536 bph vs. 1080 bph. SIPA of Italy (U.S. office in Atlanta; demonstrated a newly enhanced model ECS SP80 (80-ton) single-stage ISBM system for up to 16 cavities, containers up to 8 L, neck diam. to 110 mm, and outputs up to 7200 bph. This hybrid machine incorporates servo-hydraulic injection and clamping and electric screw drive. The rotary system has four stations, including one for preform conditioning. At the show, a four-cavity system produced four different bottles (around 200 ml) simultaneously on a 14-sec cycle. New features include a quick-mold-change system for short runs that can cut changeover times by about 25%. Jomar's newest servo-hydraulic injection-blow machines have controls designed with Industry 4.0 in mind—for example, remote monitoring of process-data "dashboards" like this one. 42 AUGUST 2018 Plastics Technology NPE WR AP-UP

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