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ment of individual nozzle temperatures to ensure identical flow conditions in all cavities. • ComoNeoSWITCH: This function ensures automatic switchover from injection to holding phase at the appropriate time. • ComoNeoCOMPOSITE: This new feature is aimed at optimizing the RTM process for long-fiber composites, using special RTM sensors from Kistler. • ComoNeoGUARD: This function helps users define monitoring windows that enable accurate separation of good and bad parts. It is said to result in less segregation of "pseudo scrap." • ComoNeoRECOVER: This feature can repro- duce an injection process on a different machine. The user is guided through the adaptation step by step; deviations are identified, and the software assistant suggests corrective action. 888-547-8537 • At NPE2018, Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y., showcased its latest process-monitoring system for injection molding, called ComoNeo 2.1.0. Based on cavity-pressure monitoring, it provides setup assistance, part-quality prediction, and a degree of process control. A particular feature of ComoNeo is its customizeability by the user. Molders can tailor their system with these optional functions: • ComoNeoPREDICT: It allows model-based prediction of specified part quality based on cavity pressure and tempera- ture profiles. Based on Stasa QC software, this function uses measured values and statistical analyses to calculate part quality in advance and to assess quality within tolerance bands. • ComoNeoMERGE: When multiple materials are used, the system monitors and evaluates up to four components. • ComoNeoMULTIFLOW: For multicavity molds, this option allows automatic hot-runner balancing through adjust- INJECTION MOLDING Customizeable Process-Monitoring System ComoNeoRHEO ComoNeoPREDICT ComoNeoMERGE ComoNeoMULTIFLOW ComoNeoWITCH ComoNeoCOMPOSITE ComoNeoRECOVER ComoNeoGUARD MATERIALS A new TPE alloy is aimed at phone-case brand owners that have been searching for a blue-jean resistant material. Said to be the first TPE to resist this type of staining on white and light-colored phone cases, CE 3320-70 is the latest addition to the Versaflex line of proprietary TPE alloys from PolyOne Corp., Avon Lake, Ohio. According to the company, brands using silicone or TPU have sought an alterna- tive for numerous reasons, including long sourcing lead times and manufacturing challenges for silicone and the inability of TPU to endure blue- jeans contact without staining. PolyOne tested the new TPE's effectiveness using the same rigorous test methodology used to measure blue-jean staining on auto car seats. The material showed no signs of staining, equal to that of the industry benchmark—a white silicone case. Versaflex CE TPE also stands up to sunscreen, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol and UV light. This recyclable thermo- plastic also processes faster than silicones and adheres well to PC when overmolded. The new offering can be precol- ored to specifications or used with a PolyOne OnColor masterbatch. 866-737-2066 • First TPE to Resist Blue-Jean Stains Silicone TPU 100 cycles 100 cycles 500 cycles 500 cycles 500 cycles Versaflex CE 3320-70 @plastechmag 51 Plastics Technology N E W P R O D U C T S F O R P L A S T I C S P R O C E S S I N G

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