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p YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL, SO WHY NOT PAY LESS? Did you know that newer desiccant dryers require 54w/lb. Our Vacuum dryers require 14w/lb, saving up to 85% lb for lb. FOR EXAMPLE: At 200lb/hr, annual energy bills* go from: Take advantage of our revolutionary 3 stage drying process On older dryers expect even greater savings. Vacuum dryers pay for themselves...year after year. DESICCANT DRYING $8,000.00 VACUUM DRYING $2,000.00 TO... Want to save time, money and energy? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you implement vacuum drying into your process. p 2 VACUUM RETENTION HOPPER P E R R 3 1 HEAT *Data based on a national average electrical rate of $0.12/kw.

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