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Yizumi-HPM Expands—Again Yizumi-HPM Corp. is already planning to expand its North American Techni- cal Center in Iberia, Ohio, only seven months after opening it. Addition of 15,000 ft 2 of manufacturing space to the existing 22,000 ft 2 will help meet grow- ing demand for the company's large injection and die-casting machines. The target is to start construction early next year. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of this year, the company plans to open a tech center in the Charlotte, N.C., area. 740-382-5600 • Chen Hsong Makes New Push in U.S. Market for Injection Machines With two new lines of energy-efficient presses and a new sales-represen- tative firm, Chen Hsong Group of Hong Kong ( is putting new emphasis on the U.S. market for injection molding machines. Chen Hsong is the second-largest maker of injection machines in the world. It builds around 15,000 presses annually, selling one every 10 minutes, on average. Still, as company officials concede, it has been somewhat slow in penetrating the U.S. market. To remedy that situation, CH America, Torrington, Conn. (, was formed almost a year ago by industry veterans Erik Eggen and Ken Heyse. And to spearhead the new push, Chen Hsong has developed two new lines of machines, built in China, which were shown at NPE2018. Tailored specifically for the U.S. market, these are the Supermaster two-platen machines from 700 to 6500 metric tons and the Jetmaster MK6 toggles from 88 to 668 m.t. Additional sizes are available to 1600 m.t. (1763 U.S.). Both are servohydraulic driven for energy efficiency. "We're especially excited about the two-platen line," says Heyse. "They're modular, with 14 clamp sizes and 29 injection units that you can mix and match. They have clamp speeds up to 700 mm/sec, which is almost unheard-of for this style of machine. Dry-cycle speed is 7 sec." Chen Hsong also is developing a line of all-electric machines. They will be tested first in China and may make their Western debut at next year's K 2019 show in Dusseldorf. This month, the world's first facility to recycle POAL (polyethylene and aluminum polycomposite) will open to produce a new, patented material called Ecoallene. POAL is used primarily for food packag- ing, and until now only the paper cellulose portion could be recovered. Italian machine builder Amut has developed this pioneering project together with the Italian start-up Ecoplasteam. Ecoplasteam can recycle 7000 tons/yr of POAL waste. Amut has supplied Ecoplasteam with the machin- ery for POAL treatment and washing, as well as the extrusion and pelletizing line. The input material, in form of commingled bales, is processed through progressive phases to reduce the presence of paper fibers. Once clean, it is mixed by a gravimetric dosing system, filtered, pelletized, and packed in bags. The Ecoallene pellets can be extruded or injection molded like a standard polymer. They can be colored and incorporate additives for different applications. +39 0321 6641 • New Plant to Reprocess PE/Al/Paper Food-Packaging Waste Carolina Color Acquires Chroma Corp. Continuing consolidation among produc- ers of color and additive concentrates, Carolina Color Corp., Salisbury, N.C. (, has acquired Chroma Corp., McHenry, Ill. ( Chroma has been active for more than 50 years in masterbatches, dry colors, and precolored compounds. Carolina Color itself was acquired by N.Y.C. private-equity firm Arsenal Capital Partners in late 2017. As a result, Breen Color Concentrates, Lambertville, N.J., which Arsenal Capital acquired at about the same time, was merged into Carolina Color. In early 2016, Breen had acquired Hudson Color Concentrates, Leominster, Mass., and its subsidiary, Midwest Color, Niles, Ill. 6 AUGUST 2018 Plastics Technology C.K. Chiang, Chen Hsong president- manufacturing, between Erik Eggen (left) and Ken Heyse of CH-America. They stand in front of a new Supermaster servohydraulic two-platen press at NPE2018. T E C H N O L O G Y A N D I N D U S T R Y N E W S St ar t ing Up

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