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GUARANTEED TO BE PURE – CLEAN – FRESH MOLECULAR SIEVE DESICCANT MOLECULAR SIEVE DESICCANT HIGHEST QUALITY – TWO TYPES – TWO SIZES Desiccant dryer manufacturers recommend changing your desiccant tanks or beds periodically to assure optimum performance of your desiccant drying units. PPE supplies both types 13X and 4A molecular sieve desiccant in two bead sizes. Due to the various designs of desiccant plastic material dryers, you must replace your bed material with the same type and size that was supplied with your dryer. Molecular sieve desiccant type 13X has a 12% higher moisture absorption capacity and a larger pore size than type 4A. The larger pores allow it to absorb moisture faster and also absorb larger molecules of moisture as well. Depending on the quantity and type of molecules present, these could react on the surface of the 13X during regeneration and not come off, thus reducing its capacity to function over time. Type 13X is more subject to contamination which in time renders it ineffective. Because of type 4A's smaller pore size, it is less subject to contamination. However, because of its lower absorption capacity and smaller pore openings, the rate at which it absorbs moisture will be lower than with type 13X. Another factor to consider is the bead size. Small beads (8x12 mesh) have a faster rate of water absorption, but they are more dense and cause a higher pressure drop than the larger (4x8 mesh) beads. Always specify the correct type and size molecular sieve desiccant. If you don't know which type of sieve your dryer was designed to use, contact your dryer manufacturer for their recommendation and then call PPE to place your order. TYPE 13X DESICCANT TYPE 4A DESICCANT SOLD IN FACTORY-SEALED CONTAINERS TO STAY FRESH AND DRY! Avoids excess moisture or contamination. The best drying temperature range for desiccant bead regeneration is 400° to 600°F. Do not exceed 1000°F. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR AIR INLET FILTERS CLEAN! IF YOU BLEND SIZES If the smaller diameter bead size passes through your dryer holding tank screen we suggest you consider installing a stainless steel screen of slightly smaller mesh size in your cannister bottom. PRICE PER CONTAINER 1 CONTAINER 2 OR MORE MS13X4-025 25 lbs. $84.00 ($3.36 lb.) $79.50 ($3.18 lb.) 1/8" 4 x 8 MS13X4-110 110 lbs. $345.00 ($3.14 lb.) $330.00 ($3.00 lb.) Size varies .098 to .177 dia. MS13X4-275 275 lbs. $815.00 ($2.96 lb.) $775.00 ($2.82 lb.) MS13X8-025 25 lbs. $84.00 ($3.36 lb.) $79.50 ($3.18 lb.) 1/16" 8 x 12 MS13X8-110 110 lbs. $345.00 ($3.14 lb.) $330.00 ($3.00 lb.) Size varies .059 to .098 dia. MS13X8-275 275 lbs. $815.00 ($2.96 lb.) $775.00 ($2.82 lb.) BEAD MESH PPE PART CONTAINER SIZE SIZE NUMBER SIZE 4A 1/8" 4A 1/16" 13X 1/8" 13X 1/16" PRICE PER CONTAINER 1 CONTAINER 2 OR MORE BEAD MESH PPE PART CONTAINER SIZE SIZE NUMBER SIZE GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES! MIX OR MATCH FOR QUANTITY PRICE BREAKS SAFETY: Always wear gloves, face mask and safety glasses when handling this product. ••• LOW DUST TYPE ••• FRESH DESICCANT HELPS ACHIEVE LOWER DEW POINTS! 8303 CORPORATE PARK DRIVE, MACEDONIA (Cleveland), OHIO 44056, USA 216-367-7000 • Toll Free: 800-321-0562 • Fax: 216-367-7022 • Order Fax: 800-223-8305 6385 Montessouri Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702-433-6385 • 800-258-8877 • Fax: 702-433-6388 PPE W E S T PPE S O U T H 11218 Challenger Avenue, Odessa, Florida 33556 727-834-8888 • 800-282-6783 • Fax: 727-834-8873 Toll Free: USA, Canada & Mexico 800-362-0706 P LASTIC P ROCESS E QUIPMENT , INC . PPE • e-mail: MS4A4-030 30 lbs. $89.50 ($2.98 lb.) $85.00 ($2.83 lb.) 1/8" 4 x 8 MS4A4-110 110 lbs. $310.00 ($2.82 lb.) $295.00 ($2.68 lb.) Size varies .098 to .177 dia. MS4A4-300 300 lbs. $795.00 ($2.65 lb.) $760.00 ($2.53 lb.) MS4A8-030 30 lbs. $89.50 ($2.98 lb.) $85.00 ($2.83 lb.) 1/16" 8 x 12 MS4A8-110 110 lbs. $310.00 ($2.82 lb.) $295.00 ($2.68 lb.) Size varies .059 to .098 dia. MS4A8-300 300 lbs. $795.00 ($2.65 lb.) $760.00 ($2.53 lb.)

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