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"Manufacturing can be slow to adopt new technologies," Johansen states. "Part of the issue is putting a value proposition in front of customers. In the short term, equip- ment costs more; long term, it's harder to know the full benefits. We have to convince plastics-processing plants that Industry 4.0 is worth their time and money." Dri-Air Industries ( launched a full dryer line at NPE2018 that utilizes the OPC-UA protocol, readying its key product for the future. Jason Sears, v.p. of operations, says that Industry 4.0 was a subject of conversation at the show, with some attendees interested and others having "a long way to go." Dri-Air is anxiously waiting to see finalized standards for particular product lines, including dryers, but Sears can see the promise of a new, standardized protocol. With the old SPI protocol— RS485—molding machines could talk to auxiliaries. Going forward, using Ethernet connections and OPC-UA, instead of the press "pinging" the entire dryer, however, it can ask for a specific parameter, which marks progress, in Sears' view. Italian maker of auxiliary equipment Piovan (, which operates in the U.S. via its Universal Dynamics subsidiary, touted an upgrade to UnaDyn's long- running FACS platform at NPE2018, as well Piovan's Winfactory OPC-UA supervisory software. Giorgio Santella, Piovan's chief marketing officer, states that OPC-UA architecture builds flexibility into the system, which customers will need. "By connecting to Winfactory 4.0, the system has open access to any industry 4.0-compliant equipment or machinery," states Santella. "That is what our customers are asking about more and more, because you could buy a piece of equipment today and it might not be industry 4.0 compliant; and then you'll buy equipment tomorrow and it is 4.0 compliant; and the two pieces of equipment can't speak to each other." Piovan also discussed remote assistance at the show. Allowing service technicians to tie into equipment remotely isn't a new concept; but despite being possible for some time, Santella admits that few proces- sors avail themselves of this amenity out of security concerns. Piovan's solution with Winfactory 4.0 was to create its own Cloud. Show attendees had the chance to pepper suppliers with questions about security and the broader impact of Industry 4.0, but as with any paradigm shift, questions remain. "Processors say, 'I need to invest my money and I am so confused about what to buy,'" Santella said. "They are not confused about performance, but worried about the future possibility of having their equipment in a network like 4.0. The dilemma is big: 'What should I buy?'" "Processors say, 'I need to invest my money and I am so confused about what to buy.'" 8 0 0 • 8 3 5 • 2 5 2 6 / The high heat requirements in today's plastic molding or extrusion applications are met with Bunting's new FF350 Drawer Magnet. It's rated to 350 0 F, hotter than any other drawer magnet on the market. How can it take the heat? • High temperature compensated rare earth magnets for stronger hold • Temperature-resistant viewing window • Higher temperature rated seals and knobs • Fits the standard FF housing, so you can upgrade existing equipment with high temp components When you need to turn up the heat, call Bunting. . Performance that turns up the heat. Introducing The FF350 Drawer Magnet, Rated To 350 0 F. 14 SEPTEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology N P E R E P O R T: A U X I L I A R I E S Close -Up On Technolog y

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