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QUESTIONS ABOUT NPE2018 OR ROBOTS? Visit the NPE or Robots Zones Staubli ( demonstrated automated mold change within 60 sec. A mold in a preheat station outside the machine has a manually actuated Staubli multi-coupling connector that is manually actuated by a single lever. It saves time and prevents any errors in making connections. The preheated mold slides off the table onto a mobile cart on a track; its position is confirmed by proximity sensors. In the injection machine clamp, the two mold halves are locked together, and Staubli automatic multi-coupling devices auto- matically disconnect all services in 3 sec, without presence of an operator inside the press. The mold slides out of the press onto the cart, and the new mold slides into the press. The ejector is mounted automati- cally and the mold is clamped magnetically in 3 sec. Proximity sensors ensure proper mold positioning, and intelligent magnetic clamping calculates the required holding force and controls that force throughout the molding process. (It can alarm and stop the press if a fault is detected.) Automatic changing of robot EOAT can be included in the QMC process; an RFID chip on the mold is read by the mold table, which tells the robot what gripper to use. Staubli says changing a 40-ton mold that today requires 6 hr by conventional means now can be accomplished in less than 5 min. Eliminating an overhead crane both saves time and adds safety, the company claims. Staubli sources say there are four automated QMC systems of this type in Mexico and five in the U.S. on presses of 2300 to 3000 tons. These sources note that customers may not need all elements of the system—for example, users of high-cavi- tation molds find that making quick and reliable connections of all mold utilities and services is their highest priority. A C O L O U R I D E N T I T Y LIQUID COLOURS AND ADDITIVES FOR PACKAGING 888.612.7774 Size Reduction Solutions Granulators • Shredders • Pulverizers • Pipe Grinders Choose from a wide range of standard equipment to solve a specific problem or let us custom design a size reduction system to satisfy all your application requirements. From advice to design to installation and start-up, we guide you every step of the way. Talk to an application specialist today to discuss your recycling system needs. 22 SEPTEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology N P E R E P O R T: R O B O T S Close -Up On Technolog y

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