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Processability and other key performance properties of the new liners appear to be very similar to HIPS and can also replace ABS liners; and they run on existing equipment with some pro- cessing modification. Ingeo's resistance to food oils is equivalent to ABS. Cost is expected to be competitive but with opportunities to down- gauge further due to Ingeo's higher stiffness. Another approach being explored entails an all-extruded amorphous Ingeo PLA, which turns semicrystalline when thermoformed. Both approaches are patent pending. New entrant Total Corbion PLA ( unveiled a novel tech- nology that can create fully stereocomplex PLA—a material with long, regularly inter- locking polymer chains that confer higher heat resistance than typical PLA in a broad range of industrial applications, automotive underhood components, aerospace, marine, and appliances. The proprietary technology reportedly enables PLA applications that withstand temperatures close to 392 F (200 C). The company is offering samples of glass- reinforced stereocomplex PLA for testing. A. Schulman ( launched Eco-Flex RTPV, a recycled TPV compound also containing BASF's Ecoflex biodegradable aliphatic copolyester. Schulman is aiming these compounds to replace vulcanized rubber in lawn & garden tires, mud flaps, brake pads and grips for powertools, where they offer easy processability, lower cost, and recycled content. OTHER MATERIALS NEWS Also discussed by Schulman was a develop- mental combination of polyolefin and barrier resins that is being field tested by film extruders to see if it can help reduce the number of layers or eliminate tie layers. Polybatch BAR is said to offer a balanced moisture and oxygen barrier for applications such as food packaging (e.g., liquid pouches, dry goods, fresh produce, perishable foods); agricultural films that allow processors to "dial in" the degree of permeability; and dry pow- ders, chemicals and fertilizers. ExxonMobil Chemical ( added a grade to its Exceed XP film resins based on advanced catalyst technology and process research. New XP 8784 offers improved processability plus extreme film toughness and sealing properties for high-performance coextrusion films used in laminated sacks, freezer films, barrier packaging and sachets. PolyOne's Geon PVC business ( has developed metallic-appearance PVC for appliance consoles and is also focused on new applications including LED lighting in which the body, lens, and other components are 100% PVC and cost half as much as metal. Extrudable and injection moldable compounds for LEDs are targeted for indoor and land- scape lighting. Americhem ( discussed its new ValuPak EPVC—an enhanced PVC for decking capstocks with durability that exceeds currently used PVC and HDPE. This fully stabilized PVC compound utilizes new weatherable chemistry that boasts outstanding Make Perfect Parts and Save Money! • Preload cores for perfect parts. • Save $$$$ with a smaller cylinder. • Simplify mold operation and design. • Smaller mold base = low cost parts. • Fully Preloads at only 1,500 psi. • Stays locked without hydraulics. • 400˚ F systems available. • Rush 0-2 day shipping available. N118 W18251 Bunsen Drive Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 250-4410 • Fax (262) 250-4409 KOR-LOK ® , Hydra-Latch ™ and Hydra-Jaws ™ are trademarks of PFA, Inc. ©2018 PFA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mold OPEN Core Out Mold CLOSED Core OUT Mold CLOSED Core IN Core PRE-LOADED Against FULL Injection Pressure CAN'T DO IT! CAN'T DO IT! KOR-LOK ® TRADITIONAL SIDE-ACTION VS. SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS Designed & Made in USA HYDRA-JAWS ™ Every Mold, Every Machine, Every Time! Adjusts to Fit Every Mold Quick and Secure Consistent Clamping Force NEW Service Center PFA-MEXICO/CNI-MEXICO Queretaro +52 442-198-0194 NYCOA has extended its range of Ny-Flex PEBA TPEs. Improved processability combined with extreme film toughness and sealing properties for high- performance coextrusion are claimed for ExxonMobil's new Exceed XP grade. 70 SEPTEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology NPE WR AP-UP

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