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performance in extreme conditions. It also has an excellent price point compared with ASA or ASA blends, Americhem says. NEWS IN ADDITIVES A new family of high-performing lubricants and dispersing agents based on non-food crude rice-bran wax was introduced to North America by Clariant Corp. ( Tested on automotive parts of PC, nylons and TPU, the new additives have been shown to offer improved mechanical properties and enhanced surface finish at efficient dosage levels compared with lubricants based on Montan wax. Another advantage is the absence of yellowing. Applications in E/E and building/construction are envisioned. Baerlocher USA ( high- lighted its next-generation Baeropol RST proprietary heat- stabilizer technology for use with recycled materials. Based on metallic stearates, Baeropol 6812 boasts improved proper- ties in post-consumer poly- olefins, including better melt stability, hydrolytic stability, polymer color, and antioxidant solubility. Moreover, it can be used as a 1:1 direct replacement for most secondary phosphite antioxidants. A. Schulman ( highlighted its new Polybatch EasyPour functional additive masterbatches, available in most polyolefin carriers and PET, which reportedly improve dispensing of liquids from standup pouches and other pack- aging designs. They are aimed primarily at institutional and industrial food applications. Huber Engineered Materials ( discussed its new Martoxid line of conductive additives based on aluminum oxide and targeted for new mobility trends such as electrifica- tion, where it reportedly can outperform other aluminum oxides and other conductive fillers. According to Huber experts, the new Martoxid has been enhanced via control of particle-size distribu- tion and morphology to offer improved packing and density, along with unique surface treatment. It reportedly can be used at filler loadings over 60% without compromising mechanical or rheolog- ical properties. It has shown excellent potential for use in PP, TPO, nylons 6 and 66, ABS, PC and LSRs, as well as thermosets. Heritage Plastics ( demonstrated its Minaflex highly-filled calcium carbonate concentrate that has been shown to produce paper-like substrates via blown film. Addivant ( showed a new version of Naugard liquid phosphite antioxidant for applications in foamed TPU and TPO. SABIC showcased a 'major breakthrough' in production of IR optical sensor lenses for proximity sensing and gesture recogni- tion in smartphones, video-game control- lers, and drones. QUESTIONS ABOUT NPE2018 OR MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES? Visit the NPE, Materials, and/or Additives Zones. Resins: PET, PLA, PP, PS, HDPE Model: HVTSE ® 105mm-52D Rate: 3,500 lb/hr (1,590 kg/hr) Width: 40 in (1m) Gauge: 15 - 40 mils (0.38 - 1.00 mm) Process: Inline thermoforming Twin Screw by Bandera LEADING SHEET EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGY HVTSE ® DRYERLESS ™ EXTRUSION SYSTEMS Processing Technologies international, LLC | 2655 White Oak Circle Aurora, IL 60502 | Tel: 630.585.5800 | Fax: 630.585.5855 G-Series ® Configurable J-Stack roll stands yield superior sheet performance LIW feeders provide quick formulation set-ups and changeovers 100% flake feeding capability minimizes regrind inventory build-up changeovers Thermoforming Conference Sep 18-20 2018 Sep 24-26 2018 BOOTH 101/103 BOOTH 419/421 Cleveland, Ohio Fort Worth, Texas Americhem's enhanced PVC for decking capstocks boasts better durability than currently used PVC or HDPE. @plastechmag 71 Plastics Technology Material s and Additives

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