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Three new low-speed granulators were introduced at NPE2018 by Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, Conn. Replacing the former Junior and Minor models, the new S-Max 2, S-Max 2 Plus and S-Max 3 are designed for inline, closed-loop recycling of sprues and runners of hard and brittle engineering resins with injection machines of up to 300 tons. The screenless granulators generate material through- puts of 27, 44 or 66 lb/hr, respectively. Wittmann Battenfeld says its new granulators produce less noise, save more energy, have a more compact footprint, need less maintenance, and provide for easy cleaning and mainte- nance. They are mounted on casters for mobility. A high-level sensor gives a visual and audible alarm to prevent overfilling of the bin. An interface enables full communication with the injection molding machine. An optional shutdown function saves energy by stopping the granulator automatically when the injection molding machine is turned off. They also have ARS auto-reversing control, which clears jams by automati- cally stopping and reversing the rotor. 860-496-9603 • Low-Speed, Low-Noise Granulator for Sprues Granulators for Thermoform Scrap At NPE2018, Rapid Granulator, Leetsdale, Pa., introduced a new range of granulators designed specifically to process skeletal waste in-line from thermoforming lines. The ThermoPRO Series handles sheet widths from 600 to 1500 mm and is avail- able in standard and low-built formats. ThermoPRO machines combine features already proven on other Rapid granulators—double-scissors cutting action; "open-hearted" design for fast production changeovers and ease of maintenance; mineral composite base for high stability and low noise—with new elements that were tailor-made to make thermoforming operations easier to run and more cost-effective. The ThermoPRO (shown here at NPE with Rapid CEO Bengt Rimark) uses a heavy-duty roller feed as standard, enabling problem- free handling of the skeletal waste. This even makes it possible to run several webs into the granulator at the same time. It also facilitates granulation at the start-up of a thermoforming line, when the parts are not stamped out of the sheet, meaning that the entire web, trim and parts together, needs to be fed into the granulator. 724-584-5220 • RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM New Shredder with Non-Wrapping Rotor Republic Machine, Louisville, Ky., showcased at NPE2018 its modular, split-apart shredder design that allows for stand-up cleaning and maintenance. Republic presented its Zoidal non-wrapping cutter design for the shredders, which is used to break down films and fibers and prevent them from wrapping around the rotor. In addition, Republic Machine is now guaranteeing its single-shaft rotor for life. Republic also has upgraded its open-architecture control system, based on Allen-Bradley's Micrologix 1400 control. 877-637-6778 • 72 SEPTEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology Recycling With Technology Keeping Up PRODUCT FOCUS

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