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At NPE2018, Mastip Technology, Slinger, Wis., showed two new entries. One is the Nexus pre-assembled and pre-wired systems that are ready to install without need for preheating. The FlowLoc 16, 19 and 27 Series thermal-gate nozzles use a threaded connection to the manifold for a "leak-proof solution." They also feature a copper alloy sleeve with thermocouple embedded near the tip. Those nickel-coated tips can be switched out to run different materials. The nozzles are of 420 stainless steel; titanium nitride coating is available for extra wear resistance. The manifolds, which are all customizable, are available in standard and 420 stainless steel. Lead times range from 15 to 20 days, according to Mastip. INJECTION MOLDING Pre-Assembled Hot Runners, Compact Single Valve Gates SCREEN CHANGERS • MELT PUMPS • MIXERS • PACKAGED SYSTEMS What more can you get from your process? • Precise dimensional control • Better melt integrity • Stabilized output • I n creased yield • Higher use of regrind Industry's most reliable Melt Pump From through-hardened gears to high-wear bearings to leak-free, anti-galling seals, PSI melt pumps provide you consistent, trouble- free performance, year after year. J oin the ranks of processors turning to PSI and put us to the test. Discover how much more you can get from your process! Call today to ask for a no-risk trial! 1-828-468-2600 Don't forget to ask abo ut our Pu mp Exchange program! FROM THE EXTRUDER TO THE DIE - PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED! • • Second, Mastip introduced the pre- assembled VeriShot compact single valve-gate system (pictured), which also acts as a locating ring, ensuring perfect alignment between the mold and machine platens. By housing all the mechanics internally, the new system greatly reduces mold-height requirements, poten- tially allowing it to run in a smaller press, Mastip says. VeriShot SVG features Mastip's FlowLoc TX19 and TX27 threaded, leak-proof nozzles and is recommended for applica- tions requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish and fast filling, as well as large parts requiring dimensional accuracy. 262-644-9400 • @plastechmag 75 Plastics Technology N E W P R O D U C T S F O R P L A S T I C S P R O C E S S I N G

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