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service technicians to retrieve all data on the unit's production testing, startup and service work since delivery from the factory. Future work planned at Kottingbrunn includes a new three-story office building (28,000 ft 2 ) for engineering, production control, quality, and personnel depart- ments, due for completion next June; and a new production logistics center (32,275 ft 2 ) for vertical and special machines, to be completed in June 2020. EXPANDING MACHINE LINES As reported in July Starting Up, Wittmann Battenfeld (U.S. office in Torrington, Conn.) announced several new models of injection machines, some of which were demonstrated at the June event. These include a larger, 400-m.t., SmartPower model due later this year; and a second and larger (500-m.t.) model of EcoPower Xpress high-speed, all-electric press for packaging and other thin-wall parts. It was shown at Kottingbrunn molding 2.8 L PP buckets with wraparound IML in a four-cavity mold in 7.95 sec. Later this year, the com- pany plans to add smaller models, too— 160, 210 and 300 mt.—and an even larger, 650 m.t., unit will follow. Adding to its large-machine line-up, the company showed off its first 2000-m.t., two-component MacroPower Combimould press (the first 2000-m.t. single-compo- nent model was built earlier this year). The system was built for BSH Home Appliances in Germany to mold a PP refrigerator interior door panel that would normally be thermoformed. The 750-g part (patented) is only 0.8 mm thick and measures approx- imately 1120 × 512 mm. It is sequentially valve gated through 21 nozzles. Wittmann Battenfeld also displayed its first 2000-mm, servo-driven rotary table on a two-component MacroPower 1300. Perhaps the star of the show was a 160-m.t. prototype of a brand-new series of New line of vertical presses gets a preview. Tarick W. – Ultrasonic Welding Expert Sophie M. – Expert in Applications Development The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. © Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 2018. Connect with the Experts at Emerson Our global team of Emerson market experts offers you unrivaled knowledge and insight into meeting your need for advanced material joining solutions. You'll discover how our Branson joining technologies—ultrasonics, vibration, laser, infrared, spin, thermal, and hot-plate welding—are uniquely capable of responding to today's market trends and assembly challenges. To learn more and connect with a material joining specialist in your industry, visit our website . New high-speed, all-electric EcoPower Xpress 500-ton model was demonstrated molding four PP buckets with wraparound IML in under 8 sec. 14 OCTOBER 2018 Plastics Technology Close -Up On Technolog y

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