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Continuous Filtration Delivers • Months of non-stop operation. No hot breaker plates and dirty screen packs • Closer tolerances. Uniform gauge control. Consistent process pressure & melt temperature T he Leader in Continuous Melt Filtration Since 1969 • Highest level of process integration with smallest footprint • Automatically maintains constant differential pressure across the screen • Unconditionally guaranteed not to leak NO MOVING PARTS. NO HYDRAULICS. NO LEAKS. Made in the USA At NPE2018 in Orlando, Conair, Cranberry Twp., Pa., introduced two new systems for unloading railcars or bulk trucks to fill silos. Both can connect to Conair's FLX-128 Plus material-handling control system or can function as stand-alone systems. First, the new Railcar Unloading Controller (RCU) manages railcar unloading, silo selec- tion, material routing, and silo filling from one control inside the building. Conair says the RCU package seamlessly consolidates control functions that would otherwise be accessed with dedi- cated control panels serving individual railcar-unloading systems, airlocks, material-routing valves, silo loaders, and level sensors/ monitors throughout the plant. The RCU shows and controls the entire process on one touchscreen, eliminating the need to go outside to manually monitor and operate dedicated equipment controls at the rail siding or at various loca- tions in the plant. The RCU includes a prepro- grammed Allen-Bradley PLC, I/O control panel, and separate 10-in., high-resolution monitor designed for indoor/outdoor use. The RCU controller can manage up to five railcar unloading systems and up to five airlocks, which transfer incoming material from vacuum railcar unloaders to the pressure-driven conveying and silo- loading system. It can also run up to 12 multi-position valves, which direct material flows through conveyor plumbing to the selected silo. Finally, it can control receiving, filling and level- monitoring operations in up to 30 silos. Second, Conair's new truck-fill line-proofing system (pictured) prevents trucks from connecting to any silo line until the correct line is confirmed and remotely unlocked by an authorized user. The system consists of a PLC module, wiring leads, and one electronically controlled interlock device per silo line. The "plug-and-play" system control is preloaded with line-proofing software when connected to the FLX-128 Plus control panel. Power/communications wiring extends to each of the remotely mounted interlock devices at the end of each silo fill line, and each one provides a new 4-in. quick-connect point that is protected by a hinged, electro- mechanical access gate. Each interlock device's gate is locked by default to prevent unau- thorized silo-line access. During truck unloading, authorized personnel log into the control, complete a brief list of required information for each delivery, and then select and electromechani- cally unlock one silo-fill line. At the silo location, a green indicator light signals an open interlock. Delivery personnel can then lift the interlock gate to open it, connect to the silo-fill line, and fill the silo. When filling is complete, delivery personnel disconnect from the fill line and close the interlock gate, automatically re-locking the device. Shipment data required by the line-proofing software is customizable and can include everything from truck, material and order numbers to passcodes, barcode scans, or other information. Every transaction is time-stamped and logged. 800-654-6661 • Manage Bulk-Resin Storage For 30 Silos on One Touchscreen MATERIAL HANDLING @plastechmag 59 Plastics Technology N E W P R O D U C T S F O R P L A S T I C S P R O C E S S I N G

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