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LyondellBasell Completes Acquisition of A. Schulman LyondellBasell, Houston, has completed the acquisition of A. Schulman, Fairlawn, Ohio, and has formed the Advanced Polymer Solutions compounding business. The new business segment effectively doubles the size of Lyondell- Basell's existing compounding business, which boasts broad geographic reach and a diverse product line that includes high-performance plastic compounds, composites and powders. Advanced Polymer Solutions is a stand-alone business that includes LyondellBasell's existing PP compound- ing assets plus the A. Schulman assets. The segment will include Catalloy TPOs used in durable and flexible products for automotive, packaging and construc- tion industries; and polybutene-1 resins, which offer a combination of tempera- ture resistance and strength for use in water pipes, construction materials and recloseable packaging New to LyondellBasell's product portfolio are several materials previously manufactured by A. Schulman, including engineered thermoplastic composites used in infrastructure, aerospace and automotive applications such as head- lamps; and powders used in coatings, rotational molding, toll compounding, and color and additive masterbatches. 713-309-7200 • AdvancedPolymerSolutions Milacron Demonstrates iMFLUX Low-Pressure Injection Molding at Fakuma Show At this month's Fakuma 2018 show in Germany, Cincinnati-based Milacron will demonstrate the iMFLUX low-pressure injection molding process devel- oped by Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati and and marketed by its new iMFLUX subsidiary in Hamilton, Ohio. The technology uses a low but highly consistent pressure to achieve up to 50% faster cycles, reduced part weight, lower stress, less warpage and fewer sinks (see March '18 feature article for details). Milacron says the process can be particularly advantageous for process- ing sensitive biomaterials. At Fakuma, Milacron will use iMFLUX to mold a techni- cal part (pictured) in two cavities on an Elektron EVO 155 all-electric press with a Mold-Masters hot-runner system. The cell will show off a new addition of an adaptive process-control module to Milacron's M-Powered package of "Internet of Things" (IoT) solutions. This module enables the iMFLUX process with a stable melt pressure and a variable filling rate that adapts to the part geometry. Milacron will phase in iMFLUX capability for all its presses. 513-536-2000 • Leistritz has recently installed a ZSE-3D twin-screw extrusion line in its process laboratory in Somerville, N.J. The system is intended to help customers develop and produce 3D filaments from a co-rotating or counter-rotating twin-screw. Direct extrusion of raw materials facilitates rapid product sampling and results in one less heat and shear history than two-step processes, which is particularly beneficial for heat- and shear-sensitive formu- lations, Leistritz says. The system consists of a ZSE twin-screw configured for compounding, devolatilization and/or reactive extrusion; loss- in-weight feeders for pellets, powders or fibers; a liquid injection system; gear pump front-end attachment; 3D filament die for 1- to 5-mm diam. strands; air rack or water tank with a sizing bushing; and downstream belt puller, laser gauge and winder or cutter. Leistritz says the system is suited to in-line compounding of polymers with additives and active fillers to quickly develop new filaments and formulations. Formulations can be modified on the fly for rapid sampling of filaments with different formulation percent- ages. A sample can be produced every 10 min. The Leistritz ZSE-3D filament system is rated for 797 F (425 C) operation and can be configured for water- soluble and high-temperature engineering polymers. 908-685-2333 • Leistritz Adds 3D Filament Line to Lab PMC Acquired by the Simona Group Sheet extruder PMC (Premier Material Concepts) Findlay, Ohio, is now Simona PMC, after its acquisition by Germany's Simona Group. Simona America, Archbald, Pa., produces sheets and rods of a variety of thermoplastics. 419-429-0042 • 6 OCTOBER 2018 Plastics Technology T E C H N O L O G Y A N D I N D U S T R Y N E W S St ar t ing Up

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