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"We're taking the best of digital from Silicon Valley and bringing innovations, material science and additive manufacturing," says Joe DeSimone, Carbon CEO and co-founder. "Innovation comes in a lot of different ways." Carbon ( invited Plastics Technology to its headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., to learn about the company's technology, business model and applications. A NEW WAY OF THINKING Joe DeSimone's entire career has been at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine and polymers. Throughout his time in aca- demia at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, DeSimone published over 300 scientific articles and has more than 150 issued patents in his name—with another 80+ patents pending. DeSimone also previously co-founded several companies, including Micell Technologies, Bioabsorbable Vascular Solutions, and Liquidia Technologies. While he always found 3D printing tech- nology of interest, DeSimone says he saw limitations with the layer-by-layer approach. He believes the technology as it was didn't have the right properties to produce a real part. In other words, it was a niche tech- nology focused on prototyping. Carbon co-founder and chief technology officer Alexander Ermoshkin, who also worked at Liquidia Technologies, came to DeSimone with the idea that 3D printing could be done more effectively. Working together, the two eventually got the idea for a new approach. It's well-known that Silicon Valley is the home of new tech- nology and advancements. So it makes sense to locate a new, innovative company that could push 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) beyond prototyping in the same locale as creators of other technologies that are helping to shape the world's future. Silicon Valley-based Carbon focuses on producing parts in industrial volumes. In fact, one of the company's slogans is, "Stop prototyping, start producing." Founded in 2013, Carbon pioneered a new additive manufacturing (AM) technology that uses light and oxygen to rapidly produce products from a pool of liquid resin. By Heather Caliendo Senior Editor Carbon CEO and co-founder Joe DeSimone (standing) with other employees in the company open-office design, which is said to promote and facilitate idea sharing. "We explored whether we could make a running shoe out of 3D-printed material that really works. And it does." Carbon 3D prints midsoles for adidas' Futurecraft 4D line of running shoes on its printers. Note the varying lattice structures along the midsole. 3D Printing, Silicon Valley Style Carbon's technology seeks to disrupt the 3D-printing industry for good. 10 NOVEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology A D D I T I V E M A N U F A C T U R I N G Close -Up On Technolog y

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