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adidas partnered with Carbon to develop a midsole that met the performance and comfort required by serious runners. adidas was seeking a platform that would enable it to tune cushioning properties throughout the shoe and ultimately provide bespoke athletic footwear. Carbon's DLS process allows adidas to precisely address the needs of each athlete in regard to movement, cushioning, stability and comfort with one single component. adidas plans for more than 100,000 pairs by end of 2018. The digitized footwear-component creation process eliminates the need for tradi- tional prototyping or molding. Carbon's technology enabled adidas to execute more than 50 design iterations. Engineers from both companies collaborated closely and tested nearly 150 resin iterations. The final midsole material is made from a blend of UV-curable resin and polyurethane. It is a stiff elastomer that can be printed in a lattice structure to create a high-performance midsole. Other potential applications with this technology include bike seats, orthopedic pads and headsets. "That's going to change how we create products and certainly how consumers experience them," DeSimone says. "I would say this is just the very beginning." SPEED OF INNOVATION Vitamix in Cleveland produces blending equipment for home and commercial use. Vitamix recently partnered with Carbon to redesign a specialized nozzle used in commercial settings. The old nozzle design was intended to be assembled from six injec- tion-molded parts. Carbon produced an optimized Vitamix nozzle in a single 3D- printed part with no multi-part assembly. Empowered by Carbon's digital manufacturing capabilities that allow for rapid design vali- dation as well as final manufacturability validation, product engi- neers produced six to seven nozzle design iterations within only four weeks. Using the injection molding approach, a single design iteration and resulting tooling could have taken eight to 10 weeks. "The constraints of injection molding, I would argue, are the weight on the economy of the world of developing new products—because you can't do things digitally," DeSimone says "You can't move very quickly. There are long lead times. And high tooling costs can put a program at risk." Carbon exhibited at NPE2018 and Phil DeSimone, the compa- ny's co-founder and v.p. of business development (and Joe's son), said that the show allowed Carbon to get in front of molders to position its technology "as another tool in their toolbox" versus a replacement for traditional molding. "We try to connect with them on a product they wouldn't have done otherwise. For us, what we need to do is find that first component," he said. Carbon has hired several employees who had previously worked in injection molding. Joe DeSimone says the company is eager to take the learnings from injection molding and help educate molders on how to redesign for additive. "It's a complement to what they already do—all those jobs they turned down because the potential customer wants the parts sooner or they only want 100 parts and it's not worth cutting a tool, right? They don't have to say no to those jobs anymore. This gives them the capability to complement their existing infrastructure with a balance between analog and digital in this new frontier." Carbon's M Series printers pull a part continuously upward from a pool of liquid resin, while curing the bottom of the growing part with UV light. The M2 printer is Carbon's second- generation 3D printer. It allows for larger parts, higher throughput and lower part cost. It features a build volume measuring 7.4 × 4.6 × 12.8 in. Make Perfect Parts and Save Money! • Preload cores for perfect parts. • Save $$$$ with a smaller cylinder. • Simplify mold operation and design. • Smaller mold base = low cost parts. • Fully Preloads at only 1,500 psi. • Stays locked without hydraulics. • 400˚ F systems available. • Rush 0-2 day shipping available. N118 W18251 Bunsen Drive Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 250-4410 • Fax (262) 250-4409 KOR-LOK ® , Hydra-Latch ™ and Hydra-Jaws ™ are trademarks of PFA, Inc. ©2018 PFA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mold OPEN Core Out Mold CLOSED Core OUT Mold CLOSED Core IN Core PRE-LOADED Against FULL Injection Pressure CAN'T DO IT! CAN'T DO IT! KOR-LOK ® TRADITIONAL SIDE-ACTION VS. SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS Designed & Made in USA HYDRA-JAWS ™ Every Mold, Every Machine, Every Time! Adjusts to Fit Every Mold Quick and Secure Consistent Clamping Force NEW Service Center PFA-MEXICO/CNI-MEXICO Queretaro +52 442-198-0194 14 NOVEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology A D D I T I V E M A N U F A C T U R I N G Close -Up On Technolog y

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