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offers receiver-specific recipes. The latest conveying controls, for example, allow storage of up to 10 recipes for up to 128 receivers. These recipes make it easier to take advantage of all the capa- bilities of a VFD-equipped LDP pump, allowing conveying parameters to be customized to suit different material types, line sizes or other factors. Troubleshooting and improving the performance of a resin conveying system that's having problems doesn't always have to be a complex process. In many cases, focusing on the basics, including good maintenance, leak detection and repairs, and occasional checking and ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Doug Brewster is conveying products manager for Conair Group, based in Franklin, Pa. He is also the primary developer of Conair's Wave Conveying variable-speed conveying system. Brewster joined Conair in 1987 as a systems engineer. Since then he has held a series of progres- sively more responsible positions, including bulk-system product manager, project manager, national accounts manager, regional manager, national sales manager and customer service manager. In his current position, he has responsibility for continuous improvement in current equipment offerings and new product development. Contact: 814-432-6202;; If your vacuum pump is inadequate, consider upgrading to a long-distance positive-displacement vacuum pump (LDP) with a variable- frequency drive (VFD). If equipped with a variable-speed drive, located between the power drop and the pump, the speed (rpm) and air volume (cfm) of the new pump can be adjusted manually or with control-system "recipes" to match line size, conveying speed, and material throughput requirements. Complete Blown Film THE X -DIE & High Performance V -RING ALPINE AMERICAN T H E B L O W N F I L M E X P E R T S T: (508) 655-1123 F: (508) 655-9337 updating of key control settings, will go a long way toward preventing problems and maximizing system and pump life. If you're doing these things and are still encoun- tering problems, then it is probably time to call for help from your system supplier. @plastechmag 43 Plastics Technology M AT E R I A L C O N V E Y I N G

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