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A new silicone additive masterbatch from Dow Performance Silicones (previously Dow Corning), Midland, Mich., immediately and permanently reduces COF (coefficient of friction) in PC/ABS automotive interior parts to avoid noise in the vehicle cabin. The first in a new product family, Dow Corning HMB-1903 masterbatch replaces time- and labor-intensive post treatments with felt, lubricants and coatings. HMB-1903 reportedly delivers high anti-squeak performance that remains stable throughout the life of the part. Tests show this additive achieves an anti-squeak risk priority number (RPN) rating below 3 at a typical loading of 4%. HMB-1903 reportedly also achieves a low score for impulse, which represents the number of stick- slip phenomena occurring during the squeaking test. Caused by friction between two surfaces, these are typically the source of squeaking. 800-248-2481 • ADDITIVES MATERIALS extex 6 Class Pumps REDEFINE THE CAPABILITY OF EXTRUSION GEAR PUMPS A BETTER PUMP! | +1 800 MAAG USA | +1 800.622.4872 • Volumetric efficiency increased by up to 50% compared to competitive designs • Lower temperature rise and better energy efficiency • Product uniformity improved due to pulse-free gear design maag pump & filtration systems PARTS CONVEYING New Motors Increase Conveyor Modularity The new quick-disconnect motor offered on conveyors made by Dynamic Conveyor, North Shores, Mich., reportedly provides benefits that increase conveyor modu- larity, application options, ease of use and maintenance. The connector enables a quick direct connection between the brushless DC motor and controller with an easy-to-use lock lever that does not require tools or additional hardware. The new connector makes it easier than ever to perform motor replacements or modify control options in the field. The control package can be mounted anywhere along the conveyor's sidewall, on leg supports, or remote mounted up to 65 ft away from the conveyor. Addi- tionally, the new motor has achieved an IP66 degree of protection for watertight performance, allowing it to be used in high-moisture applications. With the new IP66 rating, DynaCon conveyors can be fully submerged in a water tank when rapid parts cooling is needed. 231-798-1483 • Anti-Squeak Additive for PC/ABS Auto Interior Parts First TPE to Resist Blue-Jean Stains A new TPE alloy is aimed at phone-case brand owners that have been searching for a blue-jean resistant material. Said to be the first TPE to resist this type of staining on white and light- colored phone cases, CE 3320-70 is the latest addition to the Versaflex line of proprietary TPE alloys from PolyOne Corp., Avon Lake, Ohio. Versaflex CE TPE also stands up to sunscreen, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol and UV light. This recyclable thermoplastic also processes faster than silicones and adheres well to PC when overmolded. 866-737-2066 • Silicone TPU Versaflex™ CE 3320-70 500 cycles 100 cycles 100 cycles 500 cycles 500 cycles 48 NOVEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology Keeping Up W it h Technolog y

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