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Nissei ASB Machine Co. of Japan (U.S. office in Smyrna, Ga.) is introducing a larger size of its "1.5-step" PF-series injection-stretch-blow machine. These machines incorporate both preform injec- tion and stretch-blowing like a one-step machine, but the two operations are separated for optimum productivity of both operations. Up to now, the largest model in the series was the PF24-8B, with 12 or 24 preform cavities and four or eight blowing cavities—the blowing section that operates three times per injection molding cycle. The new model PF36/36-600 has 36 preform cavities and a 12-cavity linear stretch-blow system. It can mold bottles up to 600 ml capacity. Its footprint is just 30 cm (11.7 in.) longer than the PF24-8, but increases productivity 50-80% from around 9000 bph to 14,000-17,000 bph. Other models built on the same platform are the PF36/24-1500 with 24 preform cavities and eight blowing cavities, for bottles up to 1.5 L; PF36/18-2000 (18 preforms, six blowing cavities, for bottles up to 2 L); and PF36/12-5000 (12 preforms, four blowing cavities, for containers up to 5 L). Further models are in development for molding nine preforms and containers up to 10 L and six preform cavities for up to 12 L. These hybrid machines have hydraulic injection and all downstream func- tions are fully electric. They utilize a new PC-based control system with larger, 18.5-in. touchscreen that replaces most manual switches. 404-699-7755 • MORE THAN JUST STORAGE! Manage your inventory Become better organized Protect your investment Create a safer working environment Our mold management systems are designed to save you space, time & money. GO FROM THIS TO THIS! Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with your die or mold management needs. 716.822.2804 Larger '1.5-Step' PET Machine INJECTION MOLDING BLOW MOLDING Six-Axis Robots Made Easy to Program Absolute Robot Inc. (ARI) in Worcester, Mass., has partnered with ABB Inc. Robotics of Auburn Mich. (, to offer six-axis robots for injection molding. ARI has customized the control interface on ABB robots to make them easy to operate on injection machines of all brands and sizes, as well as with downstream automation equipment. 508-792-4305 • 50 NOVEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology Keeping Up W it h Technolog y

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