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525 East Stop 18 Road Greenwood, Indiana 46142 Phone: 317-887-6352 Email: For information online Factory Phone 317-887-6352 Outdoor Central Chillers • Complete Outdoor Chilling System with Refrigerant Zones and Pumping System • For Use In Most Outdoor Climates • Central Unit for Plant Wide Cooling for Many Processes • Integral Air-Cooled Condenser Indoor Portable & Central Chillers • Use Inside Plant Facility for Single Process or Plant Wide Cooling • Microprocessor Controller and Display • Small Footprint to save floor space • Environment Friendly Refrigerants • Internal Coolant Reservoir And Cirulation Pump Water Chillers with New Product Warranties, industry recognized components for Maximum Reliability, Economically Affordable capital equipment providing perfect bottom-line returns, and a network of factory trained technicians for Unbeatable Service. • Environment Friendly Refrigerants • Microprocessor Instrument Controls • Non-Ferrous Construction • Small Footprint • Other Products: Temperature Control Units, Pump Tanks, Cooling Towers, Material Dryers, Loaders, Granulators Drum Dumper Has Integral Flex-Screw Conveyor A new Tip-Tite Drum Dumper from Flexicon Corp. Bethlehem, Pa., has an integral flexible-screw conveyor to allow volumetric feeding of bulk material from drums into downstream processes free of dust. A hydraulic cylinder raises and seats the drum rim against a discharge cone, and then a second hydraulic cylinder tips the drum to an angle of 45°, 60° or 90° with a motion-damping feature. At full rotation, a pneu- matically actuated slide-gate valve opens and charges the conveyor, which meters the material volumetrically according to infinitely adjustable user controls. The conveyor transports bulk mate- rials from sub-micron powders to large pellets, while the gentle rolling action of material prevents the separation of blends. The rugged inner screw is the only moving part contacting material, resulting in reduced maintenance and increased reliability. A broad range of screws with specialized geometries is available to handle free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials, including products that pack, cake or smear in other types of conveyors. The unit accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal, weighing up to 750 lb. An optional pneumatic vibrator on the discharge cone promotes complete evacuation of non-free-flowing materials. The drum dumper is avail- able in carbon steel, with material contact surfaces of stainless steel, or in all-stainless. 610-814-2400 • MATERIALS HANDLING AUTOMATION Low-Cost, High-Speed Assembly Robot A low-cost delta or "spider" robot for high- speed assembly and pick-and-place tasks is newly available from igus Inc., E. Providence, R.I. The low-maintenance, lightweight unit starts at $6200. It can be delivered pre- assembled or can be assembled on-site in about 30 min with easy-to-use instructions, the company says. Stepper motors and encoders ensure accuracy to ± 0.5 mm. Built of aluminum and plastic, the unit weighs 15 kg (33 lb) and occupies an installation space of 420 mm diam. It can carry up to 5 kg (11 lb) at low speeds. Maximum pick rate is 60/min. Max. speed is 3 m/sec. 800-521-2747 • 52 NOVEMBER 2018 Plastics Technology Keeping Up W it h Technolog y

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