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America Inc. "We have received the occa- sional call along the way, but these issues were addressed quickly through our TeamViewer service." The TeamViewer program is a secure remote-access service licensed with every Mahlo system sold. With it, users can give technicians temporary access to the control interface online in real time. This allows a technician to diagnose the system quickly and remotely. "TeamViewer can also be used to provide remote training for operators or engineers. Mahlo Telephone Support and TeamViewer service is included at no charge, around the clock, for the life of our system," Reber notes. Another feature on every Mahlo Auto Profile System is the die-bolt heater- failure alert. Haartz discovered that some of their legacy systems had quite a few dead die bolts and their graphs were giving them excessively averaged readings. "Mahlo systems graph in high resolution like a real-world sheet and give us an alert for any die bolt that's not responding," says Gilbert. "We've been able to reduce our scan-to-scan standard deviation to about 0.5% from greater than 2% previously. Also, seeing both the new scan and composite average on a single profile graph is a great feature." In addition to limiting waste in its manufacturing processes, Haartz strives to be "locally green" with its neighbors, communities and customers as one way to cut its carbon footprint. Haartz sources raw materials locally when possible, recycles TPO and PVC, and encourages carpooling. Continuous education and training, work- QUESTIONS ABOUT SHEET EXTRUSION? Visit the Sheet Extrusion Zone "We've been able to reduce our scan-to-scan standard deviation to about 0.5% from greater than 2% previ- ously. Also, seeing both the new scan and composite average on a single profile graph is a great feature." place safety, on-site fitness facilities and community-outreach programs are credited with keeping the average employee retention high. "Maybe it's a thing about family-operated companies, but we really like Mahlo's simple, 'Old World' business approach." Gilbert concluded, "Mahlo doesn't make machines in order to sell proprietary parts and service contracts. They engineer scanner systems that help support and strengthen our brand. That makes for a lasting business relationship." Which ElboW ProblEm Do You NEED to SolvE? ProblEm cAuSE SolutioN Formation of streamers, angel hair and snake skins when conveying plastic pellets Plastic pellets skidding and/or bouncing against the outside radius of sweep elbows create friction and heat, melting pellet surfaces. Smart Elbow ® replacements from hammertek eliminate these problems by eliminating impact Unlike conventional "impact" elbows and "plugged-tee" elbows that rely on material impact to change direction, HammerTek's Smart Elbow ® design features a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90º or 45º pathway, which causes a ball of pellets suspended in air to rotate, gently deflecting incoming pellets around the bend. No impact means no wear and no fines and no streamers, angel hair or snake skins. Wear and failure when conveying glass-filled, mineral-filled or other abrasive pellets Abrasive pellets hit the outside radius of conventional impact elbows at high speed, continually wearing through the elbow wall. FF-0975 Free, No-risk trial offer See how Smart Elbow® deflection elbows eliminate conventional and plugged-tee impact elbow problems—at no cost or obligation. 1-610-814-2273 45° and 90° elbows available in diameters ranging from 1.25 to 18 inch @plastechmag 21 Plastics Technology S H E E T E X T R U S I O N

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