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Though the logic of the proposal was clear, company officials had questions and sought input from other trusted business partners. Based on past experience, they asked Sepro if the largest six-axis robot could be replaced by a linear robot. After considering the company's requirements and comparing alternatives, Marius Svagnea, area sales manager for Sepro, replied, "Yes." His analysis found that a Sepro linear robot—a three-axis model S5-35—could replace the large six-axis robot at the center of the cell, reducing footprint requirements and allowing easier access for mold changes, maintenance and service to the bending, molding and testing equipment in the cell. As discussions proceeded, Svagnea proposed using a second linear robot—a smaller Success 7—to handle tested parts instead of the smaller six-axis robot. Finally, a Success 11 was added to flexibly automate tray handling. Because the linear robots could be posi- tioned above the molding machines, they would simplify machinery place- ment, reduce floorspace requirements, and improve access. Reach would be no problem, since their horizontal beams could be of any length required. KHG was impressed by the logic: "We saw that a six-axis robot would have taken too much space and had too limited a reach, said CEO Lutz Karrenberg. "The Sepro/Kiki solution combined several standard robots in a very small space. This was the main reason behind our decision." Karrenberg added, "We did not neces- sarily at first think of a solution with a tray cart that would include loading via a third robot system. This idea came completely from Sepro, who had already implemented Each robot has its own control, but the largest robot's "master" control coordi- nates all robot operations and cell safety. Measure. Control. Profi t. Repeat. Repeat. WEB GAUGING SOLUTIONS: • Thickness • Basis Weight • Density • Coating Add-On • Moisture • Auto Profi le Control Are you still getting the equipment, support and value you need to minimize process variability and maximize profi ts? Give Mahlo America a look. You'll be pleased. Repeatedly. Mahlo America, Inc. 864-576-6288 • The largest of the three robots in the system, the Sepro S5-35 performs the main automation functions—including insert placement, part removal, part positioning for electrical testing, and good/bad part sorting—before handing components off to the other two robots. @plastechmag 23 Plastics Technology R O B O T S

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