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TPEs Adhere Well to Nylons New styrenic TPEs with outstanding adhesion to nylons and compliance with EU Regula- tion 10/2011 for food contact were recently introduced by Kraiburg TPE. The new FC/AD/ PA Thermolast K series boasts excellent processability and superior surface quality that requires no finishing after leaving the mold. These materials can be overmolded onto nylon 6 and 66 without any adhesive primer. They can be translucent or colored. With hardness between 40 and 80 Shore A, they provide tactile properties such as soft touch and non-slip grip even at low wall thicknesses. Superior tensile strength, elongation at break, and abrasion resistance are also claimed. The FC/AD/PA series is targeted specifically at consumer products and food contact. Typical applications include tool components that comply with food regulations as well as handles and surfaces of household appliances such as coffee machines and juicers. Further possible applications include healthcare—interdental brushes, eyeglasses frames and hearing aids—along with a wide array of cosmetics and sports articles. Permanent Thread Repair Platens Molds Grinders Ejector Plates Watch demo video Self-tapping and Self-aligning Limited Lifetime Warranty Quick to Install They succeed in the heaviest, most demanding, highest torque industrial applications. They won't wear out, back out, or pull out. And they are by far the fastest and easiest to install of all thread-repair inserts. PROCESS COOLING MATERIALS Variable-Speed Packaged Chillers Expanding the range of its VS Chillers, Delta T Systems is now offering these units—previously available from 1 to 30 tons—in sizes of 40, 50 and 60 tons. They come standard with four variable-speed compressors that are said to operate effectively at 10% to 100% of rated capacity. According to the company, VS units provide up to 50% energy savings over fixed-speed chillers regu- lated by conventional hot-gas bypass systems (see May '17 Close-Up for more details). The units are said to pay for themselves in less than 3 yr. Available in air- or water- cooled versions, the units have variable-frequency drives (VFD) for soft starts and reduced compressor cycling. Other features include variable-speed condenser fans; oversized stainless-steel, brazed-plate evaporators; one large central pump tank; individual redundant refrig- eration circuits; and industry 4.0 controls design. Slip Additive Masterbatch for LDPE Film A new silicone-based slip masterbatch for LDPE film that reportedly optimizes form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging production has been launched by Dow Performance Silicones, a unit of DowDuPont Special- ties Products Div. Dow Corning MB25-235 masterbatch is said to significantly reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) for LDPE film. The product is said to address the traditional drawbacks of organic additives by deliv- ering stable, long-lasting slip performance and avoiding migration to the film surface. MB25-235 reportedly also helps to boost production speed without affecting seal quality. This masterbatch is said to surpass the perfor- mance of traditional organic additives by delivering a consistently low, stable COF that is unaffected by time or temperature. It reportedly meets the film's critical mechan- ical properties like tensile and tear strength. Unlike organics, it needs to be incorporated into just the outer (skin) layer of multilayer films, reducing the amount required. It is effective at low loadings of 2-4% and is approved for food contact under FDA, EU and Chinese regulations. ADDITIVES @plastechmag 45 Plastics Technology N E W P R O D U C T S F O R P L A S T I C S P R O C E S S I N G

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