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Also standard on the puller is a servo-actuated belt-gap system, which Bessemer believes will eliminate the operator variable of manually adjusting belt gap, and the variable slippage that ensues. This unit has been designed for use in a cleanroom; its bearings require no grease or lubrication to help minimize particulate genera- tion, Bessemer notes. Linear slide bearings ensure that the upper and lower belts are perfectly parallel, which is especially critical when processing thin-wall medical tubing, instead of typical round bushings and shaft assemblies. The belts are precision flat belts, which Bessemer maintains are far more accurate than typical Poly V belts or any timing belts, including herringbone style. "Flat belts not only run with far less heat, but also generate no particulates and require no flanges," Bessemer explains. A precision tensioning and tracking system has been designed to offer precision tracking plus ease of belt changes. These units will come with three different belt-covering materials as (three sets of belts) as standard, which will allow processors to use the most appropriate belt per applica- tion. The pullers are all dual-servo driven, with in-line planetary reducers offering the most precise speed control possible. All plates in the puller and cutter are anodized aluminum with all stainless-steel shafting and hardware to eliminate corrosion. Servo Gap Control Precision Linear Rails Track Lengths (6 or 12 in.) Walk-Through Guarding Siemens HMI (7 or 19 in.) Easy-Clean Alcohol Reservoir Bushings (0.75 or 1.25 in., plain or air feed) Easy Access for Take-Off Conveyor Standard features on the Bessemer Rx-SmartMED Series puller/cutters (front and back views) include a stainless-steel base cabinet, which serves as the electrical enclosure and is totally sealed and water tight. All-Stainless or Anodized Components Precision Linear Rails Stainless-Steel Control Box Remote E-Stop Tool Tray Siemens Servo Motors w w w. a d g s . n e t SPEAK TOTHE RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS Engineering expertise to get you the lowest cost from scrap to pellet. @plastechmag 13 Plastics Technology M E D I C A L T U B I N G

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