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The cutter is designed to enhance blade surface speed with the proper cutting radius, achieving on-demand maximum blade speeds up to 1500 rpm. This will ensure minimal cutting interruption and allow slicing blades to be used to cut even the smallest, lowest- durometer, thin-wall medical tubing. The cutting chamber is made of clear polycarbonate, making it easier for opera- tors to see blade wear and particulates while facilitating blade gapping. The bushing has been moved to a 45° angle—instead of directly under the servomotor—to make it easier for operators to see the cut tube while allowing utilization of a stainless- steel drip tray. Moreover, the blade guard slides to the rear and does not need to be Complete Blown Film THE X -DIE & High Performance V -RING ALPINE AMERICAN T H E B L O W N F I L M E X P E R T S T: (508) 655-1123 F: (508) 655-9337 fully removed, making it easier for the drip tray to be regularly cleaned. An air-feed cutter bushing will also come standard. Cutter bushings are bolted together as a standard feature to elimi- nate the possibility that the operator will improperly gap them. NOVEL SOFTWARE PACKAGE Novatec is offering as an option a taper/ bubble tube package developed by Larry Alpert. The software is designed to take all the guesswork out of selecting the proper die size to produce the desired tapered tube. Using a 19-in. touchscreen computer that communicates with Siemens PLCs, operators are guided through a series of dropdown menus where they can select material type (12 choices), durometer, extruder size, die size (if available), desired throughput, tube dimen- sions and shape (symmetrical or asymmetrical), number of lumens (up to eight) and more. From there, the software will advise the oper- ator if the die size selected can make the tapered tube and will make suggestions if it cannot. Operators can also pick from a number of pre-programmed velocity profiles (linear, various "S" curves, and others) or create their own. Due to the large screen, the graphs will display the profiles as they are being tested. Notes Alpert, "I've always been a proponent of what I call the 'tech- nician's cockpit.' That's why I suggested the large-screen PC. A medical-tubing line is compact, and all controls must be within arm's length of an operator so they don't have to move their feet, and must have the right ergonomics. Bessemer describes this product launch as "Phase 1," noting that Novatec plans to introduce new products every quarter. "A medical- tubing line is compact, and all controls must be within arm's length of an operator." 14 JANUARY 2019 Plastics Technology M E D I C A L T U B I N G Close -Up On Technolog y

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