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® DRUM & GAYLORD DUST COVERS KEEPS MATERIALS FREE OF CONTAMINANTS 40 STOCK MODELS AVAILABLE THE BETTER COVERS! SINGLE PORT DRUM COVERS For 20, 22 and 24diameter drums. Single port opening is available in 2 expandable port sizes. Includes draw cord for a secure fit. 6 as low as $23.50 ea. E MOR S SIZE D ADDE NO PORT GAYLORD COVERS MODELS as low as $29.00 ea. DUAL PORT GAYLORD COVERS Dual port openings allow 1 or 2 loaders to draw material or to reposition MODELS the vacuum wand at as low as diagonal locations. 1 Strap included. $63.50 ea. The centrally located single port opening is available in 3 expandable port sizes for either drawing MODELS as low as or loading material. 1 Strap included. $52.75 ea. 11 6 For 20, 22 and 24diameter drums. Two (2) port openings allow 1 or 2 loaders to draw material. Includes raw cord for a secure fit. MODELS SINGLE PORT GAYLORD COVERS SUPERIOR QUALITY - LOWER PRICES DUAL PORT DRUM COVERS 8 OCTAGON GAYLORD COVERS 4 The portless cover is available in 4 expandable MODELS sizes for covering as low as material gaylords. 1 Strap included. $35.70 ea. Available with a single centrally located port opening or dual port openings. 1 Strap included. NEW! 5 MODELS as low as $73.00 ea. Gaylord sizes range from 30 x 38 to 57 x 57. Custom sizes, colors & configurations available to order. ® MATERIAL TRANSPORT BINS FOR MATERIAL TRANSFER OR STORAGE FITS UNDER YOUR MOLDS TO CATCH PARTS 6 SIZES - PORTABLE - ADJUSTABLE CAPACITY 110 to 1400 lbs. Part No. PPC1623 16 wide x 23 reach Price ....... $255.00 Part No. PPC1628 16 wide x 28 reach Price ....... $242.00 Part No. PPC2432 24 wide x 32 reach Price ....... $315.00 Part No. PPC2832 28 wide x 32 reach Price ....... $340.00 Part No. PPC2844 28 wide x 44 reach Price ....... $355.00 Part No. PPC4242 42 wide x 42 reach Price ....... $402.00 6 SIZES MTB375 MTB110 6 Sizes Available Molded of LLDPE Molded-on Rugged Handles Portable, Caster Mounted Full open Lids Large Probe Holes and Angled Chutes MODEL CAPACITY MTB110 MTB300 MTB175 MTB375 MTB800 MTB1400 110 lbs. 300 lbs. 180 lbs. 410 lbs. 800 lbs. 1400 lbs. Stainless Sliding Gate on bottom of Large Bins All models have a Strong Steel or Molded Base. Smooth Interior Surfaces makes Cleaning a Snap. Lid removes for Cleaning 1-5 PRICE $185.00 ea. $350.00 ea. $340.00 ea. $429.00 ea. $755.00 ea. $804.00 ea. PORTABLE PARTS CHUTE ® 6+ $170.00 ea. $330.00 ea. $325.00 ea. $410.00 ea. $720.00 ea. $765.00 ea. REVERSE BASE FOR TWO WAY CHUTE MOUNTING Parts Chute without frame can be suspended under the mold. Adjustable chute height w/elongated slots Adjustable height legs w/locking pins HEAVY CATCH BIN PLATEFORM Casters can be removed for floor placement or lower height Steel frame is powder coated TO ORDER CALL TOLL FREE 800-362-0706 CALL 1 NUMBER FOR 3 LOCATIONS. ® P LASTIC P ROCESS E QUIPMENT, INC. PPE PPE PPE 11218 Challenger Avenue, Odessa, Florida 33556 727-834-8888 800-282-6783 Fax: 727-834-8873 Toll Free: USA, Canada & Mexico 8303 CORPORATE PARK DRIVE, MACEDONIA (Cleveland), OHIO 44056, U.S.A. 216-367-7000 Toll Free: 800-321-0562 Fax: 216-367-7022 Order Fax: 800-223-8305 WEST 6385 Montessouri Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702-433-6385 800-258-8877 Fax: 702-433-6388 SOUTH 800-362-0706

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