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Without Introducing MoistureMaster™ Dryers Finally you can take the guesswork out of drying plastics and know your exact pellet moisture level. Wasteful over-drying can be finally eliminated. Damaging over-drying of nylons can be a thing of the past. Under-drying of resins resulting in process variability can be stopped in its tracks… Only with MoistureMaster™ Dryers. No Dryer Is Complete Without MoistureMaster™ . Moisture % or PPM Available in Two Versions: MoistureMaster™ Dryers: The MoistureMaster™ sensor uses the PLC and touchscreen already included in our wheel dryer line up. The dryer will display moisture levels and the PLC functionality can be used for slide gate or diverter valve control. MoistureMaster™ Plus Dryers: These wheel dryers not only include the benefits of our standard MoistureMaster™ the pellet moisture data to regulate the performance of the dryer to assure total drying control. No Dryer is Complete Without MoistureMaster™ . dryer, but also use Available NOW! Guaranteed Performance. Only From Novatec. ➜ Automatically measure/control pellet moisture content ➜ Standard PLC color touchscreen control displays pellet moisture as a percentage or parts per million (ppm) ➜ Standard Network connection allows your PC to capture pellet moisture data and trending ➜ Includes up to 100 resin recipes in PLC memory WWW MOISTUREMASTER COM s WWW NOVATEC COM

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