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door lids that can be operated indepen- dently; fully automated, three-axis tank positioning; quick height adjustment of roller position; SPC data for machine capability and current/historical data; remote monitoring of supply and return water temperature; remote monitoring of extrudate exit temperature; remote moni- toring and control of vacuum; and closed- loop control of water flow rate and tem- perature. Flow rate and temperature are independently regulated. Each of the six spray bars can also be controlled individu- ally. Everything is recipe-driven Working with consultant Wesley Sipe, Novatec took the wraps off the Bessemer Series of cooling tanks, pullers and cutters at NPE2012. Novatec developed a cooling simulation program that will enable processors to take the guesswork out of cooling-length requirements across a range of 20 common pro- file shapes and six commonly used profile materials. Users plug in the profile shape and material, and the computer simulates the cooling time needed by calculating the convection heat-transfer coefficient from the profile into the coolant, while taking into account how the mechanical properties of the profile are impact- ed by specific temperatures. A key feature of Novatec's new pullers is load-cell technology that monitors and controls belt-compression forces, taking the operator element out of the equation. The unit shown at NPE offers 4 x 30 in. traction and recipe management for consistent and repeatable setups. Initial setup and steady-state operating speed can be programmed for consistency. Dual servo drives offer five times the accuracy of variable-frequency drives while eliminating relative slip between the belts. Motor-driven belt-height control is said to ensure repeatabil- ity. The puller also offers automatic pneumatic belt tensioning and two boom-adjustment modes (manual/automatic). All fea- tures are recipe driven. On display at NPE was a 3-in. on-demand Continuous Ex- trusion Cutter (a 5-in. size is also available). The unit offers a high-torque flywheel for variable speed and continuous cutting. The temperature of cut pieces is sampled and displayed for im- proved cut quality consistency. Setup is eased because the cutter is programmed to consider expected line speed to determine other settings. The cutter has one-step "start to save" that sets totalizing counters to zero. True cut-length setting matches part length. "Scrap/setup" cuts to convenient granulator length. Bessemer said Novatec will take an incremental approach to filling out the product line. In the works is a saw-type cutter that will be designed to minimize dust. He expects Novatec to have a considerable edge in delivery times as a result of the company- wide philosophy of maintaining a robust inventory of modular products and all components. "We're in this business for keeps, especially given the huge response we received at NPE," Besse- Before dedusting Clean resins yield a higher return-on-investment Black spots and blurry surfaces in injection molded and extruded parts are expensive. These defects, caused by dust and streamers, reduce the quality and increase the scrap rate. Pelletron's reliable, proven dedusting technology provides an effi cient solution. After dedusting mer says. "Our target is to be the number one supplier or a strong number two in five years." The company has hired Bob Butts as v.p. and general manager of extrusion. Trevor Bludis, who has worked as a designer for defense contractors and also in the power-tool industry, has joined Novatec as design engineer for the puller and cutter line. Novatec has also doubled the size of its software group over the past year. By James J. Callari, Editorial Director It's clean www. t +1.717.293.4008 PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY MAY 2012 15

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