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contents VOLUME 58 t NUMBER 5 51 Tips & Techniques: Screws for Corrosive Materials Here's a guide to specifying screws and barrels that will last under conditions that will chew up standard equipment. BY RON ANDERSON, FLITE TECHNOLOGY 54 Energy Miser: Minimize Heat Gains to Cut Cooling- P. 42 42 NPE Report: Materials Biobased resins took center stage at last month's triennial trade show, but new developments abounded in other types of materials as well. BY LILLI MANOLIS SHERMAN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR COVER STORY 39 Tips & Techniques: In-Mold Cavity Sensors Learn what cavity temperature and pressure sensors can do—separately and together—to improve process control. BY SUSAN MONTGOMERY & VINCENT GALLO, PRIAMUS SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES 46 On-Site: Success in Cast PP Flexible and fast on its feet, Copol International combines processing know-how, razor-sharp focus, and quick turnarounds to carve a strong position in this emerging film market. BY JAMES J. CALLARI, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Water Needs The first stage of a cooling-water manage- ment program is to minimize the demand, and the way to do that is to reduce wasteful 'parasitic' heat gains. BY ROBIN KENT, TANGRAM TECHNOLOGY LTD. 5 Things You Will Learn in this Issue 1 2 3 4 5 Why 'cushion' is important in injection molding. —Page 28 Optimal cooling for screws. —Page 31 How to make better WPC profiles. —Page 32 How to select screws, barrels for corrosive materials. —Page 51 How to reduce cooling- water needs for energy savings. —Page 54 PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY MAY 2012 1

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