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Now we've grown to be one of the world's leading producers of PET Resins. Siapi's new EA4 and EA7 linear reheat stretch-blow ma- chines offer improved quick-changeover capabilities and optional preferential-heating and neck-orientation features. must be positioned in the mold with the same orientation, using special geometry on the support ring. The orientation system is easily accessible for quick changeovers between neck finishes and formats. Again, unlike competitive systems, there is no impact on cycle time, according to Siapi. r/FDL PSJFOUBUJPO XJUIPVU QSFGFSFOUJBM IFBUJOH QSPWJEFT precise and repeatable positioning of neck finishes on round or square containers with respect to two key bottle axes. r#PUUMF FYJU PSJFOUBUJPO TZTUFN BMJHOT BOE EFMJWFST PWBM and oblong custom bottles so they exit the machine in a consistent orientation. This is necessary for automated bot- tle palletizing and for feeding directly to inline filling, label- ing, and case packing. DEVELOPING NEW APPLICATIONS More than 50% of Siapi's installations in the last two years have been for producing large containers of 5 to 40 liters in one to five cavities. Machine models for such applications can produce up to 5500 bottles/hr of 5L size and 1500/hr of 20L. Siapi's EA2S machine is described as "superflexible" because it can run 20L in two cavities, 10L in three cavities, or 5L in five cavities, simply by changing the mold and selecting the appropriate software program on the control panel. The EA2S and single-cavity EA1S can utilize Siapi's HandleMatic system for automatic insertion of an injection molded PET handle during the blowing phase. For the U.S. market, Siapi recently developed a 5-gal PET water-cooler bottle with an inserted handle as a conversion from PC. The PC standard weighs 760 g and has wall and base thicknesses of around 1 mm and 2 mm respectively. The PET container weighs 680 g and has wall and base thicknesses of only about 0.8 and 0.5 mm. Still, the PET container has a topload strength of 135 kg (297 lb) vs. 90 kg (198 lb) for PC, and the PET bottle's light transmittance decreases only 6% Continued on p. 63... PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY MAY 2012 19 From the beginning, PET Resins have been Seeds of Growth at DAK Americas. Since 2001, we've grown our PET Resins manufacturing capability thirteen fold (to 4.3 billion lbs/yr), and created innovative products using new state-of-the-art Melt-Tek® PET technologies. and IntegRex® We've led the way in Sustainability with Clear Path Recycling, a joint venture company recycling over 160 million lbs/yr of waste PET bottles. In five years, we've reduced energy usage nearly 20% and are on target for a Zero Landfill goal by 2015. DAK's commitment to the PET industry and sustainabil- ity are setting new standards for healthy growth. Just as our dedication to innovation, technology and service have set new standards in product performance with the Laser+® PET Family of products. Let DAK PET Resins be the Seeds of Growth for your business. I 1.888.738.2002 © 2011 DAK Americas. All Rights Reserved.

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