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said to perform comparably to European brands at a cost less than European and Japanese models. The SV line will span 75 to 2300 tons. Multiplas (, represented here by New Pacific Machinery, Trenton, Tenn., is expanding in vertical, all-electric machines, adding a new 90-ton model to the existing 55-tonner in the V3E toggle line. Users can select horizon- tal or vertical injection and rotary-table options. The company is also rolling out the EMH050T, a 50-ton all-electric horizontal press with 570 mm daylight and up to 300 mm/sec injection. TWO-PLATEN PROGRESS Jon Wai will demonstrate a new area of competence at Taipei Plas—injection-compression molding combined with a rapid heat/cool (RHCM) mold. These capabilities will be demonstrat- ed in running a 32-in. ABS television cover on a new 850-ton two-platen model—the part usually needs a 1300-ton press. Conformal heating/cooling channels in the tool allow for rapid cooling of the part and a high-gloss surface. Jon Wai demonstrated tandem molding at last month's China- Plas show, producing 32-in. ABS television covers in a 1+1 tool on a 1200-ton JW-1200TP press. Although the 442-g front cover has a 35-sec cycle, and the 1371-g back cover requires 55 sec, overlap- ping the cycles with a tandem mold reduces overall cycle time to produce a front/back set in 65 sec. At Taipei Plas, Jon Wai hopes to trim the weight of the back cover to 900 g and expects to fur- ther shorten the overall cycle. Jon Wai says parts having up to a 30% difference in weight can be molded using a tandem or family mold approach, while reducing overall costs up to 40%. Jon Wai is rolling out two-color (TC) injection presses with wider platens. A new 250-ton, two-color 250 TCW press at Taipei Plas will feature a platen measuring 1205 x 760 mm (H x V), which is wider than the standard TC model. The new unit will produce 10-in. H-P tablet covers from ABS and TPU on a 1+1 mold. FCS added a new 850-tonner to its two-platen LM series, filling in a range spanning 650 to 3700 tons. The new model will be demonstrated with FCS's gas-assist system to produce a 5.5-lb child's car seat. FCS also has developed a 1420-ton press in its HB-R line for multi-component applications. A larger 2000-ton version is being developed. Lien Yu will unveil its new H-series of two-platen machines featuring servo-driven hydraulics. The series ranges from the 1100 to 2300 tons and features a new servomotor design. BLOWN FILM, BAGS & BOTTLES Queens Machinery (, a producer of blown film lines and printing and bagmaking machines, will show several new offerings at Taipei Plas. Queens will unveil new multi-layer blown film capability in production of 40-50 micron, five-layer structures featuring nylon barrier layers. The coextruded structure replaces lamination, and the barrier film has a ready use for meats or sea- food. Queens says that seven-layer and nine-layer systems for hard- to-combine materials are in development. Queens will also unveil a shorter oscillating film tower for use in factories with restricted 24 MAY 2012 PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY Jon Wai will demonstrate rapid heat-cool molding on a new 850-ton two-platen hydraulic press. The 1200-ton model shown here was demonstrated at the China Plas show last month in tandem molding of two 32-in. TV covers. Tandem molding is a relatively new process in Asia. Queens Machinery is stepping up to five-layer blown film extrusion systems. It will show equipment for 40-50 mi- cron film with nylon barrier layer. Seven- and nine-layer film capability are in development. Continued on p. 62...

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