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NPE2012 news wrap-up MATERIALS AT NPE All Market Sectors Benefit From Large Crop of New Materials Higher-performance and easier processing PE film resins for packaging, a one-pass crosslinked PE for photovoltaic (PV) wire and cable, several higher-performing nylons and TPEs, "greener" plas- tics, and enhanced styrenic and PC resins are among the new mate- rials that made their debut at the big show in Orlando, Fla., last month. About 50 new resins and compounds were launched for packaging, automotive, electronics, building /construction, medical, sporting goods, and other consumer and industrial applications. NEW POLYOLEFINS FOR FILM, WIRE & MORE Dow Chemical Co. (, introduced Elite Advanced Tech- nology (AT) PE resins to meet growing demand for higher-per- formance films, particularly for sealant, stretch-wrap, and stretch-hood film for food other consumer and industrial pack- aging. Based on patent-pending "post-metallocene" technology, it is made with a non-metallocene, single-site catalyst. Resulting materials are said to offer consistent, high-performance seal properties along with advantages in optics, stiffness, toughness, processability, and organoleptics, making them well suited to a wide variety of vertical-form and horizontal form-fill-seal appli- cations. They also resist gas fading in tough warehouse environ- ments. There are three initial offerings: r" CMPXO àMN TFBMBOU HSBEF UIBU IBT NFUBMMPDFOF QSPQFSUJFT and the performance of LLDPE but with faster processing; r" TUSFUDI IPPE àMN HSBEF BT B SFQMBDFNFOU GPS &7" CPBTU- ing good dart impact, puncture, and tear resistance; r" TUSFUDI XSBQ DBTU àMN HSBEF GPS IJHI TQFFE BQQMJDBUJPOT that boasts much better toughness, less leftover unsaturation, good drawability, and 20-25% higher extensibility than metal- locene resins. Next up: new shrink and barrier film grades. Dow also added new Sealution 210 to its Sealution Peel Poly- mers, a line of ready-to-use, single-pellet olefinic formulations for easy-open packaging made from polyolefin blown and cast films. It boasts higher clarity for packaging such as fresh-cut produce wrap, clear tops for PP dairy cups, and microwavable stand-up pouches. It supplements earlier grades, such as Sealu- tion 140 (launched at K 2010 in Germany), which had lower clarity for applications such as cereal bags. PolyOne Corp. ( unveiled Syncure Solar, a new UFDIOPMPHZ GPS 17 XJSF BOE DBCMF " 67 SFTJTUBOU 9-1& TZTUFN JU SFQPSUFEMZ PGGFST 6- BOE 78 DPNQMJBODF JO POF NBUF- 42 MAY 2012 PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY The first production-ready all-plastic car wheel, featured in a Daimler smart concept car, is made from BASF's high-impact Ultramid Structure long-glass nylon 66. SJBM FTTFOUJBMMZ SFQMBDJOH UIF UXP EJGGFSFOU NBUFSJBMT—9-1& GPS JOTVMBUJPO BOE 17$ GPS KBDLFUJOH—OPSNBMMZ VTFE 5IF NBUFSJBM T DPNQMJBODF XJUI 17 XJSF TQFDT BT XFMM BT UIF 6- TUBOEBSE GPS interior wiring allows it to be used seamlessly from the outside UP UIF JOTJEF PG B CVJMEJOH JO 64& VOEFSHSPVOE TFSWJDF BQQMJ- cations), thereby streamlining installation and eliminating the OFFE GPS B KVODUJPO CFUXFFO JOUFSJPS BOE FYUFSJPS XJSJOH "T B one-pass extrusion solution, it leads to faster production and MPXFS PWFSBMM TZTUFN DPTU $PNCJOJOH JOTVMBUJPO BOE KBDLFUJOH BMTP BMMPXT GPS B UIJOOFS DPBUJOH NJM WT UIF UZQJDBM There was news from Asahi Kasei Plastics North America NJM ( in glass-reinforced, chemically coupled PPs. Thermylene P9 is a short-glass reinforced grade described as a "nylon alternative" due to its enhanced temperature resistance. Applications include auto air-intake manifolds and other under- hood parts. Due to its low specific gravity, it can enable weight reduction of 15% or more. Thermylene P8 uses advanced coupling technology to provide B IJHI TUSFOHUI BMUFSOBUJWF UP MPOH HMBTT 11 *U T VTFE JO DBS EPPS modules, motor housings, sunroof frames, shifter bases, etc. Thermylene PR contains post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. And Thermylene P4 is an FR grade without decabromobiphe-

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