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Dedicated to Improving Plastics Processing 8&#*/"3 a feature of 150OMJOF DPN Featured WEBINAR /07"5&$ */$ Stop Over and Under-Drying Plastics With *MoistureMaster™ …the Drying Hit of NPE 2012 56&4%": May 15, 2012 1. &45 This webinar will feature our drying experts explaining the revolutionary MoistureMaster™ technology. 0WFS ESZJOH QPMZNFST PGUFO EFTUSPZT JNQPSUBOU QIZTJDBM properties and/or causes defects in appearance. Under- drying of resins may also cause a high level of rejects. Using dew point, time and temperature does not tell you the NPJTUVSF MFWFM PG ZPVS QFMMFUT %FXQPJOU POMZ JOEJDBUFT UIF dryness of the process air – not the dryness of your material. Now, you can see in-line, real-time moisture content in % or parts/million and automatically correct the moisture content or divert material that does not meet your pre-set specifications. 5IF #SZ4DBO .PJTUVSF.BTUFS IBT CFFO EFWFMPQFE BOE JT NBOVGBDUVSFE CZ #SZ"JS 1SPLPO 4XJU[FSMBOE 1BUFOU 1FOEJOH $5* $FSUJmFE 3&(*45&3 "5 Featured WEBINAR 5*/*64 0-4&/ Developments in 8&%/&4%": May 16, 2012 1. &45 Melt Indexing Capability 3FDFOU EFWFMPQNFOUT IBWF NBEF UIF SFRVJSFNFOU GPS testing more critical, so improvements in testing machine capabilities and reliability are equally important since they impact your bottom line. 3&(*45&3 "5 On-Demand 8&#*/"34 Featured WEBINAR $)&.*3 t 1BJOMFTT 4PMVUJPO UP $PNNPO $POWFZJOH 1SPCMFNT t 3F JOWFOUJOH 7BDVVN $POWFZJOH t MuCell Microcellular Foaming: &OBCMJOH BOE $PTU 3FEVDJOH Technology for Injection Molding View these and more on-demand webinars @ Analytical Investigations: Case Studies Involving Plastics & Polymers 56&4%": June 5 2012 1. &45 Chemir presents case studies of investigations concerning polymer and plastic materials. By applying multiple analytical techniques, Chemir scientists help resolve product failures, contamination issues, identification of unknown materials and extractable/leachable challenges. Join us as we detail case studies of polymer problem-solving and chemical analysis, including data interpretation and conclusions. 3&(*45&3 "5

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