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COMPOUNDING COMPOUNDING -BCPSBUPSZ 3JCCPO 1BEEMF #MFOEFS New Ribbon Blender Model 42NSD-1S from Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., is a multi-purpose unit equipped with interchangeable double ribbon and paddle agitators. It has a maximum working capacity of 1 ft3 , suit- able for lab and pilot-scale blending. This vacuum-rated blender also comes with a discharge extruder assembly installed along the bottom of the trough to en- hance mixing, eliminate dead zones, and enable complete discharge. Applications include blending dry powders, granules, pellets and other solids. The agitator's inner and outer helical ribbons are pitched to move material axi- ally in opposing directions, as well as radially. This combination promotes fast and thorough blending. (800) 243-7677 t NJYFST DPN MATERIALS 4JMWFS "OUJNJDSPCJBM $PNQPVOET New ColorRx Antimicrobial (AM) compounds from LTL Color Compounders, Mor- risville, Pa., contain a silver-ion antimicrobial additive and are available in a wide range of polymers. Both masterbatches and ready-to-use compounds are offered. The silver-based antimicrobial ingredient protects molded or extruded products from discoloration, degradation, or odor development caused by growth of microor- ganisms on the article. In FDA-regulated medical devices, it provides added protection from pathogenic bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections. (800) 863-4260 t MUMDPMPS DPN TOOLING Flexible Dry-Ice Mold Cleaner Cold Jet, Loveland, Ohio, introduced the latest model in its SDI series of dry-ice mold-cleaning machines at NPE2012. The unit can use either shaved ice or pellets. Operators can convert from one to the other in fewer than 10 min without any change parts. Cold Jet claims the SDI series is the first industrial dry-ice cleaning machine to use single-hose tech- nology across the entire dry-ice cleaning- media spectrum, which in turn enhances flexibility to perform delicate or more aggressive cleaning as needed with a single machine. The machine accepts a standard 90-lb block or 50 lb of pellets, and can run 50 to 250 cfm. (800) 337-9423 t DPMEKFU DPN monitor to improve No longer a mystery, a tool's activity can be accessed at the mold or from across the world: • Monitor cycle time for consistent part quality and cost • Track maintenance activity to reduce downtime Call 1-800-269-6653 to discuss how the CVe Monitor can connect you with your production tooling. PROCOMPS.COM/CVe introducing... mr. know it all. PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY MAY 2012 57

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