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APSX LLC in Blue Ash, Ohio, is a manufacturer of aftermarket automotive electronics that designed and built its own desktop (7.5-ton) plunger injection machine to mold the plastic parts it needs (see March '17 Close-Up). This experience gave the firm a first-hand appreciation of the limitations of standard band heaters, which are suscep- tible to damage, burnout, and frequent replacement. They also lose a substantial portion of heat to the ambient air. In response, the two engineers who founded the company created their own barrel heater for their machine and any other of similar size. The new design encases four straight cartridge heaters in a 6061 aluminum housing. The heaters, surrounded by heat-transfer compound, are arranged parallel to the axis of the injection barrel and are spaced evenly around the circumference at 90° intervals. Through extensive testing on the APSX-PIM desktop injec- tion machine, the company claims that the new heater design improves heat retention and has greater durability and longevity than heater bands. What's more, there is no need for internal ther- mocouples. The cost of the new heater is said to be comparable to that of a regular band heater with internal thermocouple. The new heater is sized for the 2.5-in.-diam. barrel of the APSX-PIM machine, but it can also be used on other machines with the same barrel size. APSX says that if there is sufficient interest, the firm could produce similar heaters for different barrel sizes. 513-716-5992 • INJECTION MOLDING INJECTION MOLDING EXTRUSION RJG Inc., Traverse City, Mich., now offers online and in-plant training courses in Autodesk Moldflow simula- tion. Attendees learn to create digital prototypes, run analyses and inter- pret results. The course covers fill, pack, cooling and warpage analyses, evaluating an injection molded part for manufacturability, interpreting CAD geometry for runners and cooling lines, and learning how to evaluate simulation results to make sure they are reliable. Individual courses cover Autodesk Moldflow Adviser, Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals, Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow, and Moldflow Insight Advanced Cool and Warp. To deliver these courses, RJG hired an expert in the field. Ana Maria Marin has over 20 years of experience in plastics, specializing in simulation. She worked as an instructor at Autodesk Moldflow and is an Autodesk Authorized Trainer and RJG Qualified Trainer. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she has provided instruction to more than 1300 corporate customers. The first classes began last month and more classes will be added in Gibsonville, N.C., in November. 231-947-3111 • New Alternative to Band Heaters For Small Injection Barrels Next-Generation Coating and Layer-Thickness Measurement Sensory Analytics, Greensboro, N.C., says its SpecMetrix systems allow measurement precision down to sub- micron levels on products that have not previously been measurable using older in-line gauging technology. The optical interference (ROI) technology designed into all SpecMetrix In-line systems is reportedly built to with- stand the rigors of manufacturing. The system's broad wavelength range reportedly can accurately monitor wet or dry coating or film layer thick- ness as low as 0.25 micron across a web, performing more than 150 measurements/sec. SpecMetrix systems can measure single or double layers simultane- ously and individually, helping film processors identify under- lying problems with a particular layer in the film stack. SpecMetrix measurement capabilities range from sub-micron barrier layers to thicker base films. These systems are available in fixed probe, traversing or OEM configurations for ease of integration onto new or existing plant coating lines. 336-315-6090 • New Source of Moldflow Training 86 MAY 2018 Plastics Technology Keeping Up W it h Technolog y

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