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In addition to providing an attractive matte surface with excellent scratch resistance, good impact performance and low shrinkage, these SABIC materials also boast good sound-damping capacity and are UV-stabilized to prevent fading and color shift. The portfolio includes several grades of glass-reinforced PP. Asahi Kasei North America ( introduced what it termed a "game- changing" family of glass- reinforced PP. This family of compounds, available in 30%, 40% and 50% glass loadings, is based on a uniquely designed PP matrix that provides excellent rheology for molding big parts. The Thermylene P6 family is based on standard tech- nology, whereas the P7 to P10 families are based on enhanced technology. Further enhanced technology is used in P11, which outperforms P10 in creep resistance at higher temperatures. Thermylene P11 is said to deliver unprecedented strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, expanding the performance envelope for conventional glass-reinforced PP design and opening opportunities for thin-wall molding of interior and exterior automotive parts. The company sees P11 compounds as a step in the direction of replacing glass-filled nylon 6 and 66, or glass-filled PBT in car and truck applications that require extreme load-bearing and creep resistance, such as front-end modules, instrument-panel (IP) central control modules, and brackets. Potential non-automotive applica- tions include filter housings and furniture. Braskem America ( launched Prisma 6810, said to be a first-of-its-kind clarified PP block copo- lymer for thermoforming applications such as refriger- ated deli containers, cold blended drink cups, and meat and seafood trays. This material reportedly provides an exceptional balance of characteristics not typically seen in single-resin solutions: the toughness of an impact copo- lymer, stiffness comparable to a homopolymer, and clarity approaching a random copolymer. The 2 MFR copolymer has a flex modulus of 190,000 psi, tensile strength of 4300 psi, and a no-break (NB) notched Izod impact strength according to ASTM D256A. At NPE2018, custom sheet extruder Impact Plastics ( showcased its new 903D PP sheet produced in partnership with Braskem, utilizing Prisma 6810 resin. The company's sheet was run on a high-efficiency thermo- forming machine from Germany's Gabler Thermoform (gabler-, touted as the world's biggest tilt-bed machine. Said to be setting new standards in the thermoforming world, the Gabler M100, with a forming area of 1130 x 550 mm, reportedly offers up to 50% higher output rates than other machines on the market. Gabler ran a 70-mm diam. PP drink cup on a 90-cavity tool produced by Marbach Tool & Equipment ( at speeds in the range of 32 cycles/min. Impact Plastics noted that typical ICPs in their natural state are characterized by a cloudy or milky appearance, but with its 903D PP sheet, consumers can now expe- rience the same properties as typical ICPs, even at low tempera- tures, without sacrificing clarity and aesthetics. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE OPTIONS GROW The Component Analyzer from MachineSense LLC (machinesense. com) tracks the trend health and operating conditions of rotating industrial machinery components 24/7 in order to help processors become more efficient by virtually eliminating reactive mainte- Four high-output recycling lines from NGR Plastics Recycling bought by Sigma at NPE2018 will reprocess more than 4 million lb/month of film scrap. At NPE2018, Sigma Plastics Group purchased 13 film extrusion lines, including six from W&H. L-R: W&H's Peter Steinbeck and Sebastian Huennefeld; Sigma's Mark Teo; W&H's Andrew Wheeler; Sigma's Alfred Teo; and David McKinney of ISOFlex. QUESTIONS ABOUT NPE2018? Visit the NPE2018 Zone. 20 JULY 2018 Plastics Technology N P E 2 0 1 8 F I R S T R E P O R T Close -Up On Technolog y

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