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nance procedures and unplanned down- time. Component Analyzer senses machine vitals using its patented machine-wearable sensors for preventive and predictive maintenance. Its compact multi-sensing system taps abnormal vibration, machine utilization, ambient operating conditions, bearing health, and sensor installation. Component Analyzer is both a hardware and a software solution. MachineSense uses powerful analytic software licensed as Crystalball, to understand the data and then reassembles that data into dashboards. The software is accessible through a web browser or mobile app, so users can connect 24/7/365 from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection. Visualization of valuable oper- ating metrics is delivered through easy-to-understand dash- boards. Users can quickly scan through the status of many machines to identify poten- tial issues that need to be examined in more detail. Thresholds can be set that trigger notifications be sent to technicians when there's an issue or they can simply rely on the system to issue the baseline established warning when a component or a machine is approaching a fault. Component Analyzer is capable of three different modes of analytics: a real-time quick view, which is available locally with a mobile app; quasi real-time predictive machine health and an historical view of the machine health issues, both available in a "cloud" database app. Historic data is avail- able through equipment performance trend lines. And a streamlined overview dashboard delivers a clear summary of the analytics for all monitored equipment, neatly organized by department and location. Polypropylene advances shined at NPE2018, with at least four major resin suppliers intro- ducing new generations of the material. 8 0 0 • 8 3 5 • 2 5 2 6 / The high heat requirements in today's plastic molding or extrusion applications are met with Bunting's new FF350 Drawer Magnet. It's rated to 350 0 F, hotter than any other drawer magnet on the market. How can it take the heat? • High temperature compensated rare earth magnets for stronger hold • Temperature-resistant viewing window • Higher temperature rated seals and knobs • Fits the standard FF housing, so you can upgrade existing equipment with high temp components When you need to turn up the heat, call Bunting. . Performance that turns up the heat. Introducing The FF350 Drawer Magnet, Rated To 350 0 F. MachineSense also released a series of LoRa (long-range) sensors. This technology will extend their reach to long-distance and outdoor applications where access to power and Wi-Fi is often an issue. The new high-end wireless sensors will measure vibration, vacuum, pressure, temperature and energy in real time, much like the company's existing sensors, but by using the LoRa technology this IP67 grade sensor can be extended from the typical 15-30 ft distance for Bluetooth Low Energy technology to as far as 6.2 miles line-of-sight distance. The new sensors will integrate with MachineSense's existing predictive mainte- nance and analytics products, including Power Analyzer, Vacuum Pump Analyzer and Component Analyzer. @plastechmag 21 Plastics Technology

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