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produce a clean regrind. The beach-plastic HDPE regrind is then blended with virgin HDPE and additives. The result is a shampoo bottle made from 25% beach plastic, which was launched in 2017. The Head & Shoulders bottle was awarded the United Nations Momentum for Change Lighthouse award in 2017 for its efforts in tackling the global issue of beach plastic waste. That beach-plastic bottle is just the start. Since then, P&G announced it will introduce 25% recycled plastic across 500 million bottles sold annually for its hair-care brands. P&G also launched its second ocean-plastic package, the "Fairy Ocean Plastic" bottle made completely from ocean plastic and other PCR. The company again partnered with TerraCycle on that project. Virginie Helias, v.p. of global sustain- ability at P&G, says that one of the reasons the consumer-products company launched such an ambitious plan was to increase the awareness of recycling. She also said the extra cost associ- 525 East Stop 18 Road Greenwood, Indiana 46142 Phone: 317-887-6352 Email: For information online Factory Phone 317-887-6352 Outdoor Central Chillers • Complete Outdoor Chilling System with Refrigerant Zones and Pumping System • For Use In Most Outdoor Climates • Central Unit for Plant Wide Cooling for Many Processes • Integral Air-Cooled Condenser Indoor Portable & Central Chillers • Use Inside Plant Facility for Single Process or Plant Wide Cooling • Microprocessor Controller and Display • Small Footprint to save floor space • Environment Friendly Refrigerants • Internal Coolant Reservoir And Cirulation Pump Water Chillers with New Product Warranties, industry recognized components for Maximum Reliability, Economically Affordable capital equipment providing perfect bottom-line returns, and a network of factory trained technicians for Unbeatable Service. • Environment Friendly Refrigerants • Microprocessor Instrument Controls • Non-Ferrous Construction • Small Footprint • Other Products: Temperature Control Units, Pump Tanks, Cooling Towers, Material Dryers, Loaders, Granulators ated with producing this material is not passed on to the consumer. "There's no cost to pass on to consumers because we want to do something for the environment and it's very important to appeal to the mainstream audience," she says. "It's the number-one shampoo bottle and it's not a niche initiative. There is an increased cost in collection and a very manual process with extra cleaning and processing cost, but we are taking it on." As this initiative is launching in Europe, P&G wants to bring the beach-plastic packaging to North America as well, but there needs to be more supply. "As supply comes available, we will be able to do it in regions such as North America, Western Europe and Asia," Helias says. TerraCycle's Teeter says Unilever of the U.K. is also interested in bringing the ocean-plastic story to its REN Skincare brand. The company's new 100% recycled bottle contains 20% reclaimed ocean plastic, which Teeter says is a "natural fit" as the product's ingre- dients are from the ocean. This package is also easily recyclable. Additional products in the range, including hand and body lotions, in the new hybrid recycled/ocean-plastic packaging will be phased in across REN Clean Skincare's full global distribution by early 2019. "We hope to see this incorporated in many different products at different scales," Teeter says. "There is a lot of material out there, so while this might seem like a drop in the bucket, it is one solution to the large problem of marine debris." 36 JULY 2018 Plastics Technology Unilever's REN Clean Skincare partnered with TerraCycle to create a new 100% recycled bottle containing 20% reclaimed ocean plastic. OCE AN PL A S TIC S

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