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Parkhurst notes that this came in handy twice already. In one case, the machine was programmed to stop for a regular maintenance cycle. "We didn't know it was due, so we weren't sure why the machine had stopped. But Wittmann Battenfeld was able to find the cause immediately. After performing the maintenance, were quickly back up and running." In another case, Parkhurst recalls, a safety switch caused the machine to stop. Again, Wittmann service personnel were able to look at the controller remotely and find the problem in a minute. "We made an adjustment to get the machine operating again, and we were back up in less than an hour. Wittmann sent us a replacement part, which arrived the next day." Bettke says DMT's maintenance staff is starting to use Wittmann Battenfeld's QuickLook app on their mobile phones, which provides another level of connectiv- ityd and convenience by showing cycle time, number of parts produced, machine status, alarms, and more. ROBOTS WORK FASTER & SMARTER Wittmann Battenfeld's ability to supply complete systems has proven especially valuable to DMT in the case of robots. "We get better support there than from other vendors. When we came to Wittmann, they were very keen to shave off cycle time with more efficient robot program- ming and more capable EOAT," says Watson. He notes, for example, that in the past, loading two inserts for a double-sided sharpener into each side of the mold and removing a finished part required multiple robot entries and exits from the mold area. Wittmann Battenfeld designed three-headed EOAT that places both inserts and removes the finished part in one in/out cycle. The net result was reducing the mold- open time from 85 sec to just 10 sec. Watson cites other cases where the new Wittmann robot and EOAT drastically reduced mold-open time: • From 83 sec to 14 sec; • From 58 sec to 12 sec; "We can let Wittmann access our machine remotely to find what is causing a problem, instead of waiting for a technician to come visit us." Diamond-plated metal inserts ready for overmolding with a glass-filled PC backing. 42 JULY 2018 Plastics Technology On-Site

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