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At the recent Plast 2018 show in Milan, Italy, two suppliers introduced additional all-electric blow molding machines. Meccanoplastica ( brought out the HE-480/D, a mid-size double-sided shuttle machine with 13-ton clamp, carriage stroke of 480 mm, and 90-mm extruder. It's designed for containers up to 5 L. At the show, it produced 3 L containers with two heads at 580/hr. This model fits between HE units for up to 2 L and up to 10 L. Meanwhile, Magic MP ( introduced an all- electric shuttle with very long stroke—up to 1600 mm. Model ME-L50/D-1600-T50 has twin 55-ton clamps and up to six heads with 230-mm center distances. With a double head, it can produce 2 + 2 jerrycans of 15-30 L on 400-mm center distance. Magic also showed off a new all-electric, one-step injection- stretch-blow machine for PET. The MTM 170 completes the MTM series that was launched three years ago with the MTM 152. The new, larger model handles up to 14 cavities for small 10-ml bottles. The other news from Magic is the forthcoming opening next month of Magic North America's new headquarters in Canton, Mich. The firm's current office is in New Castle, Del. The new facility It will stock spare parts and have a showroom with machines for customer demonstrations and trials. The new phone number is 313-209-9107; email BLOW MOLDING ADDITIVES New All-Electric Blow Molders at Plast 2018 Show Three new additive blends that target odor and VOC control for use in automotive, packaging, or recycled applications were unveiled at NPE2018 last month by Struktol Company of America, Stow, Ohio. These products can range from simple odor-mask/lubri- cant blends designed to disguise odors to complex neutralizer-plus-absorber blends intended to deactivate specific odor-causing species and fix low-molec- ular-weight volatiles in plastic resins and compounds. All are said to be effective at low loading levels and can be easily added into most processes including compounding, direct extru- sion, and injection molding. • RP 17 is a combination lubricant and odor-neutralizing mask that was originally designed to reduce odors in wood-filled plastic compounds. It has been modified for use in a variety of thermoplastic resins and compounds that require the multi- functionality of lubrication, mold release, and odor reduction. It can be used in recycled applications and auto interior compounds. • RP53 is a blend of odor-neutral- izing chemistries that is recommended for difficult, high-odor compounds containing problematic species such as mercaptans, amines and phosphites. It can be used in a variety of thermo- plastics but is primarily targeted to polyolefins in both recycled applica- tions and auto interiors. • RP 59 is a blend of odor-neutralizing chemistries and VOC absorbers intended for difficult, high-odor, and high-volatile- content compounds. It can be used in a variety of thermoplastics but is primarily targeted to polyolefins. It is reportedly very effective in packaging applications to not only reduce or eliminate odors in the polymer but also absorb odors coming from the packaged contents. 800-327-8649 • Additive Blends Neutralize Odor and Control VOCs Make Perfect Parts and Save Money! • Preload cores for perfect parts. • Save $$$$ with a smaller cylinder. • Simplify mold operation and design. • Smaller mold base = low cost parts. • Fully Preloads at only 1,500 psi. • Stays locked without hydraulics. • 400˚ F systems available. • Rush 0-2 day shipping available. N118 W18251 Bunsen Drive Germantown, WI 53022 (262) 250-4410 • Fax (262) 250-4409 KOR-LOK ® , Hydra-Latch ™ and Hydra-Jaws ™ are trademarks of PFA, Inc. ©2018 PFA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mold OPEN Core Out Mold CLOSED Core OUT Mold CLOSED Core IN Core PRE-LOADED Against FULL Injection Pressure CAN'T DO IT! CAN'T DO IT! KOR-LOK ® TRADITIONAL SIDE-ACTION VS. SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! SIDE-ACTION SYSTEMS Designed & Made in USA HYDRA-JAWS ™ Every Mold, Every Machine, Every Time! Adjusts to Fit Every Mold Quick and Secure Consistent Clamping Force NEW Service Center PFA-MEXICO/CNI-MEXICO Queretaro +52 442-198-0194 @plastechmag 51 Plastics Technology N E W P R O D U C T S F O R P L A S T I C S P R O C E S S I N G

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