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MOLD SPRAYS fi PPE PPE PPE S O U T H PPE W E S T Toll Free: USA, Canada & Mexico 800-362-0706 8303 CORPORATE PARK DRIVE, MACEDONIA (Cleveland), OHIO 44056, U.S.A. 216-367-7000 Toll Free: 800-321-0562 Fax: 216-367-7022 Order Fax: 800-223-8305 6385 Montessouri Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702-433-6385 800-258-8877 Fax: 702-433-6388 11218 Challenger Avenue, Odessa, Florida 33556 727-834-8888 800-282-6783 Fax: 727-834-8873 PLASTIC PROCESS EQUIPMENT, INC. PLASTIC PROCESS EQUIPMENT, INC. TO ORDER CALL TOLL FREE 800-362-0706 CALL 1 NUMBER FOR 3 LOCATIONS. TO ORDER CALL TOLL FREE 800-362-0706 CALL 1 NUMBER FOR 3 LOCATIONS. MOLD SPRAYS THE LOWEST PRICES AND BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. GUARANTEED! THE LOWEST PRICES AND BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. GUARANTEED! GHS compliant. SDS sent on request. OUR FORMULAS ARE CURRENT AND CONFORM TO STATE AND FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS. 5 TYPES SILICONE MOLD RELEASES PAINTABLE MOLD RELEASES MOLD CLEANERS RUST PREVENTATIVES SPRAY LUBRICANTS GLASS & PLASTIC CLEANERS BULK FLUIDS GREASES & THREAD COMPOUNDS HEATING & COOLING FLUIDS Large economy sized cans cost Less! 11 FORMULAS also available: S-154 NS-125 ES-203 BMR-016 S-206 S-1215 MV-127 SB-128 S-124 No cheap solvents in our Original Formulas! 12 FORMULAS also available: P-201 P-151 NP-121 BPR-016 T-123 V-116 NOP-169 L-175 CW-165 Powerful Degreasers! 8 FORMULAS also available: MCJ-24 DMC-20 LV-65 Plus Biodegradable Citrus MC-122 & Food Approved FMC-012 Available for Short, Medium and Long Term Storage. 6 FORMULAS also available: RP-1275 MSL-216 SMP-12 Clean and prepare mold surfaces! Good die makers lubricants! 4 FORMULAS also available: WD-40 & 3-IN-ONE Products No streaks! 4 FORMULAS also available: Anti-Static Spray AS-110 12 FORMULAS Bulk Fluids: MRB MRP MRS-3 MRS-4 LRB MCB MNB MBB BRP1675 MNCB MFS MLVB Greases: Old Bull fi PTFE Old Bull fi Advanced Old Bull fi Food Grade White Lithium Silicone Plus Thread Compounds, Thread Sealants & Glues 8 TYPES Glycols: Propylene Inhibited Propylene Uninhibited Ethylene Inhibited Ethylene Uninhibited Paratherm: NF OR SC LC S-204 S-1230 EP-161 L-163 Z-122 MC-16 MC-012 CMC-015 GPS-218 GC-20 CF-15 N-812 R-912 MSP-16 EPL-925 WL-125 WD-40 Plus Simple Green Oxishield 11 oz. can shown with Smart Straw.

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